What’s harder – making money or doing good? Social enterprise, anyone?

So what is the deal with social enterprise? And why should you, I and your mum even care? In a world increasingly focussed on profitability and less on other sorts of outcomes like i dunno, people advancing out of poverty or not ruining our eco-system social enterprise offers a new way of viewing business and success. 

Graduate Profile: PixelPush & Luc Design

Graduate Profile: PixelPush & Luc Design

All resident departures are hard - but they’re particularly so when you feel the twinned emotions of heartbreak at their absence and fierce pride in their newfound independence. Sarin spoke with two of our longest residents, the design teams of LucDesign and PixelPush, about their experience in the Dojo. What follows is a powerful testimony to the transformative powers - both personally and professionally - of community. 

Innovation Mission to Israel: BizDojo Co-founder Nick Shewring talks startup and learning from abroad for NZ

In New Zealand, while we’ve often led the world in terms of innovation and the use of new technologies, our inward facing approach isn’t doing us any favours. I think there is something in our geographic remoteness that has traditionally seen us develop businesses and ideas within an entirely local worldview; products designed for the domestic market, servicing the domestic market, launched and sold here....

Crafting Creative Collisions

Collider is new Wellington city programme managed by BizDojo which aims to transform the city into a Smart capital.

Launched fully in January this year, the programme has already held nearly a 100 activations with over 2,300 curious souls interacting with the variety of offerings from community meetup groups relating to the Internet of Things, right through to roundtables with international guests to the city (like the US Ambassador for Switzerland). Other events have included workshops on leadership, SEO, video brief writing, financial literacy, investment sessions plus one-to-ones with visiting experts as an opportunity to get deeper into specific topics.

Press 101: Getting - and then getting the most from - your press opportunities

Years ago when I worked in media I would joke to those I talked to that I was so pressed for time that if they handed me a good piece on a plate I’d take it. It was one of those “ha ha ha, but actually sort-of” jokes, ya know the ones where you are blatantly telling the truth, but wrap it in a ‘joke’. 

These days the number of remaining journos covering the likes of business, tech and innovation are dwindling, however the demands on their time is not. Publications still have press inches to fill, and time poor journalists / bloggers / content producers and radio wranglers are needing to cover more stories in less time. 

This is where you come in, you with your awesome startup idea, business win, or admirable community project. You have more ability to peer behind the press curtain than ever before, paired with the knowledge that the journalists that are there are time poor. You can wrangle press time, if you play your cards right. 

Team Bonding, Togetherness and Yurts: lessons from the BizDojo Team Retreat

The Bizdojo crew is a tight-knit team. You have to be when you are working together on crazy projects, achieving lofty goals or simply wrangling the day to day randomness of coworking and more. To keep our growing team together, and to be strategic about the way we do things, BizDojo is big on team retreats. If this sounds like an interesting concept to you, we recommend you check out our previous blog post on the topic, and our six tips  for team retreat success. Have your own tips? Share them in the comments!

Meet Adrian, BizDojo Wellington's New Community Assistant

Through The IDEA supportive employment programme Adrian has been volunteering at the Wellington BizDojo for the last five months to gain work experience , and we’re thrilled to officially have him on board as our new Community Assistant.

The moment Adrian arrives in the morning he spreads an energy and enthusiasm that most of our pre-coffee brains can’t muster, and his outgoing personality has connected him with a lot of our residents very quickly!

What do you like about working in the BizDojo?

I like doing my jobs. It’s fun with new friends and faces. I’ve met heaps of people!


If you had a day to do whatever you wanted, what would you do?

I’d go to the movies. I love Kung Fu Panda, and I wanna go see the new one.


We often see you rocking around with your headphones on, what do you like to listen to?

I listen to heaps! But if I had to pick a favourite it would be High School Musical.


If you could have a superpower what would you have?

I’d be a magician, and I’d make heaps of coffees with magic!


I think a lot of the residents would like that power too.

I reckon!

Adrian can be found in the Wellington Dojo on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings assisting the rest of the community team, making sure the space is looking and feeling top notch!

Caitlin is Wellington's Marketing and Comms gal. She loves being in the Welly BizDojo almost as much as patting her foster kittens. Almost.

Less Yessy More Sassy: The Art of Saying No (and Yes)

We have all been in that situation before, the ageing neighbour who wants you to stay for one more cup of tea. The painful friend that asks you to help her move at the last minute, the strange business idea from a friend. Saying No should be simple, but for reasons of trust, friendship, power dynamics or a simple desire to go along -  it can seem easier to say yes instead.

Before I continue, it is time for some real talk. I am writing this blog at 11pm on Tuesday night. I have a cold and I am stressed because I need to get a bunch of stuff done before I go away for three weeks holiday. I am writing this blog post now, partly because of my inability to say no. And apparently I’m not alone, 10 other humans on the internet feel the same.

5 ways to improve your writing now

“Are you a professional writer? … Well.. do you write professionally?”

Standing before an audience of devs, designers, strategists, startup wranglers and web monkeys - Kate Kiefer Lee, [co author of Nicely Said and one of the crew behind content and communications at Mailchimp] managed to hit the nail“Are you a professional writer? … Well.. do you write professionally?”
“But Anya” I hear you say, “I know nothing about writing”.  Well let’s get started then, with 5 ways to improve your writing now. Look out for our next blog in this series about writing, all about crafting blogs.

Crowded Minds and Learning to Breathe.

Crowded Minds and Learning to Breathe.

Everywhere I turn lately I feel like someone is talking about mindfulness. It has been an interesting observation for me while going through a time where I have felt really stressed and disconnected, and find myself often getting really caught up in the emotions that come hand in hand with that headspace. It was brought to my attention recently that my most frequent answer to ‘how are you’ has been either ‘busy’ or ‘I’m ok’...for quite some time. ‘Busy’ is a lazy word. There is a lot to do yes. There is a lot to do and sometimes it feels overwhelming and a little stressful and that can leave people feeling like they are losing control. ‘I’m ok’ is almost worse. It’s the equivalent of saying ‘I’m actually not great but until I totally lose all control I won’t be exploring that any deeper’. Neither of those answers contains a shred of what I am actually feeling. Not that I think about that when I say them...because I don’t generally take the time to explore what I am feeling any deeper than ‘not great’. Many of us don’t.

A Year at BizDojo Wellington, Through a Resident's Eyes

Jackson James-Wood moved into the Wellington BizDojo in March last year as Pledge Me’s “Chief Media Wrangler”. Jackson saw our coworking community grow from roughly 48 to 140 residents and the physical space double in size. Caitlin caught up with him in his last week in the Welly Dojo before he hit the road to take on Auckland as Airbnb's new “Community Operations Guy”.

HR: Saying goodbye is hard to do

HR: Saying goodbye is hard to do

Let’s face it - the chances of having a 100% retention rate in any company is slim to none. And when you are a small team, just one person leaving can have a significant impact. We are a tight knit crew here at BizDojo and in the last year or two we have said goodbye to a few team members as they have gone on to pursue their passions, higher education and, with our latest departure, seek fame and fortune in New York. I have been doing quite a bit of reflection on this recently, and while I definitely don’t pretend to have all the answers, here are five key things that we have taken onboard to manage these exits gracefully....

Work Styles and Productivity: Harnessing Yours to Unlock Your Amazing Potential

Prior to my life at BizDojo, I did not ponder my working style. My boss told me where my desk was, I sat it in said desk and did my work. Oh how foolish we all were. These days, everyone from Fonterra to ASB are adopting active work spaces, full of hot-desking and furniture with strange names. Work tends to be more self directed, and increasingly more is asked of you. Which made me wonder if people take time to ask, so how is this space fitting my needs? And when and where do i do my best work?

Why Design Matters

Why Design Matters

Nicole our intern from Boston shares with us some of her observations about the difference a bit of thought and furniture reshuffling can make.

“Form follows function.”

That’s a design principle that was hammered into my brain over and over again in my operations technology and management class last semester. It seems simple enough, and yet it is so often disregarded.

Baby Boomers and the Sharing Economy

One of the things I love about taking Uber rides outside of New Zealand is the diversity of drivers. In NZ, Uber drivers are required to be licensed by the NZTA - which means pretty much every Uber in Auckland and Wellington is a taxi. In San Francisco, I’ve had off-duty bellhops; in Toronto, a film and television freelancer; in Sydney, I’ve had female drivers every visit.

This month I was in Sydney (again), taking Ubers (everywhere), and ended up in a wonderful conversation with one of my drivers, an older woman that I’ll call Mary-Anne....