Is your kettle close to boiling? A reflection of BizDojo Wellington's MHAW

October 10th - 14th, marked New Zealand’s Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) where communities were urged to take the week as an opportunity to focus on mental wellbeing. 

Having personally witnessed loved ones confronted with varying forms of mental illness, it is a subject matter I am familiar with and one I believe needs to be shared no matter who you are or what you do.

Mental Health Awareness Week: What does Mental Health have to do with business?

Is our pursuit of growth harming us? 

Recently, global startup community 'Startup Grind' reported 72% of American entrepreneurs were affected by mental health issues. They go on to say that this could be correlated with the boundless ambition and drive that many associates with innovators and business owners.

Closer to home, this sentiment has struck a chord with national coworking operator BizDojo. Through conversations with those in the business community, BizDojo co-founder, and Chief Entrepreneur Nick Shewring says it has become evident that there is a growing need to better support the entrepreneurial community in the area of mental health....

We talk success, startup and more with Method Recycling

2016 has been a big year for Wellington BizDojo residents Method Recycling. The company recently won a growth grant from Westpac giving them $50 000 to feed into their export strategy. As if that was not enough, they also took out the rising stars category of the Deloitte Fast 50 Wellington / North Islands awards too.
With a winning streak like that Caitlin from BizDojo Wellington took a moment to chat with them about the secrets to their success (that we can all learn from). 

So I have a startup idea... now what do I do?

It may pop into your head at the lights on the way to work. You may muse on it after you nurse your second coffee of the day, or when you are downing the 4th cocktail of the night. However that glinting hint of a business idea chooses to haunt you, the fact is that no amount of simply pondering it will make it real. 

So what exactly do you do now? 

This topic is unsurprisingly one that gets thrown our way a fair bit, and one we often hear residents, experts, and event attendees talking about too. So, before your business idea makes you mortgage your house, or write the kind of resignation letter that will go viral we have six tips to help you get started. 

How do I become a Freelancer: 4 insights for people curious about freelancing

Freelancing or contracting sounds like a great thing to do, but it seems so many people have no idea where to begin. Never fear, we have four tips to get you started!

Increasingly when out-and-about I find my conversations end up with me answering the same set of questions. Sadly not the ones I want to hear (Will you take this corgi? And this affordably priced Auckland House?) but more from people that are stepping out from their 9-5 to start something for themselves. For a while before I joined BizDojo I too was one of these people. After a big stint working client-side I was bored, a bit jaded and not sure of my next steps. And of course I did the only thing a sane person would do - I left the security of a well paying job to go it alone with no idea of what I was doing....

Wipster reflect on their three years at BizDojo Wellington

Wipster came to BizDojo Wellington in 2013 as a Startup the size of three guys. Over the past three years they have grown to the size of 15 members and have outgrown the BizDojo space. We had a chat with founding members, Rollo and James to hear about their experience of growing their company inside our co-working community as they graduated onto the next stage of their business journey. ..

What’s harder – making money or doing good? Social enterprise, anyone?

So what is the deal with social enterprise? And why should you, I and your mum even care? In a world increasingly focussed on profitability and less on other sorts of outcomes like i dunno, people advancing out of poverty or not ruining our eco-system social enterprise offers a new way of viewing business and success. 

Graduate Profile: PixelPush & Luc Design

Graduate Profile: PixelPush & Luc Design

All resident departures are hard - but they’re particularly so when you feel the twinned emotions of heartbreak at their absence and fierce pride in their newfound independence. Sarin spoke with two of our longest residents, the design teams of LucDesign and PixelPush, about their experience in the Dojo. What follows is a powerful testimony to the transformative powers - both personally and professionally - of community. 

Innovation Mission to Israel: BizDojo Co-founder Nick Shewring talks startup and learning from abroad for NZ

In New Zealand, while we’ve often led the world in terms of innovation and the use of new technologies, our inward facing approach isn’t doing us any favours. I think there is something in our geographic remoteness that has traditionally seen us develop businesses and ideas within an entirely local worldview; products designed for the domestic market, servicing the domestic market, launched and sold here....