BizDojo tips: digging deep in stressful times

As the BizDojo Wellington becomes a tech hub, a home of innovation and a neutral space for fast growing ideas & companies to collide and collaborate the team have been on overdrive getting the space ready for the Collider launch.

It’s not been easy.  A new team, doubling our floor space all at the same time as programming our tech and digital programmes while ramping up our community activations & events. We’re knackered...

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2015 #NewFaces Profile: Young Innovators Collective

This week is Global Entrepreneurship Week, and to celebrate we are taking up the challenge/call from our friends at Kiwi Connect to highlight some #NewFaces. Young people who are wrangling business and generally being awesome within our community! Today we meet Kiran Patel who works out of BizDojo Auckland, and we met Sarah and Aston earlier this week! 

From the wider community: 2015 AUT Motion Capture Symposium

Motion Capture or mocap is one of those technologies that you may (like me) associate strictly with animated films and Andy Circus. But mocap s becoming more ubiquitous as minds open and costs of implementation come down. We had a chat to Harry Silver from Colab about the what and why of MoCap as he and the rest of the Colab team prepare for the 2015 Motion Capture Symposium

BizDojo Graduate Profile: Melodics

It’s a Friday afternoon when I turn up at the new Melodics HQ in Kingsland. I’m here to visit co-founder Sam Gribben and his team, recent graduates of The BizDojo Auckland. Gribben, ex-CEO of DJ software giant Serato, began incubating his startup idea at the Dojo in August 2014. By November, he’d formed the company, and in December was raising investment rounds. This January, roughly ten months after his initial idea, he began developing the product that is launching this week.

Team motivation (keeping your team onside when stuff gets hard)

A glass of bubbles in hand, a girlfriend and I sunk into our chairs comparing work horror stories. The time her former boss made her go in at 11pm because he ‘may or may not have left a sensitive document on his desk’ or the time I started work everyday at 5am for 3 weeks as we finalised some designs with someone in a different time zone from us, only to scrap the project entirely in the next 6 months before it went into production… 

Experimentation, Failing Fast, and the magic of ‘Giving It A Go’

Fail fast. It’s a startup mantra. It speaks to risk-taking, but more pertinently, it speaks to experimentation. Try something new; if it doesn’t work, try something else new. And for heaven’s sake, don’t let the fact that you’ve never seen it before stop you from just giving it a go. 

Collaboration at its finest

At the BizDojo, we see collaboration as a metric of community health. But how do we determine what is more or less collaborative? Is it the number of people involved? Is it the amount of time each member contributes? Is it how many different skillsets are at play? We can measure the number of projects that come about that involve multiple Dojo residents, but true collaboration is when an outcome is a unique product of their work together. Not advising, not contracting, but devising… together. 

“Its a lethal combination, being a business-minded actor”: Meet our new Wellington Regional Manager Jessica Manins.

We just keep getting the raddest humans joining our team. The personalities here at BizDojo constantly remind me that people do not and cannot fit within a pre-established box. We have an Activation Manager with trapeze silks, a Comms and Branding superstar who fosters abused Guinea Pigs ( if ”fosters” means keeps and loves them forever), and a Community Assistant who is also a damn fine personal trainer, just to name a few. Wellington’s new Regional Manager Jessica Manins is no exception. She is a woman of many many talents, having played a key managerial role in the international expansion and growth of online talent community StarNow, on top of her own acting and theatre success born through a passion and love for the creative arts.

When Satan Empties the Dishwasher

Talk to any community manager in a coworking space about their biggest day to day frustrations and they’ll all tell you the same thing: it’s the mother*&%$#@! dishwasher. Loading it, turning it on, emptying it… for those of us in the trenches, the struggle is real. At the BizDojo Auckland, I have waged a war on Dishwasher Apathy since starting here nearly two years ago, and I’ve picked up some good strategies along the way.

Activate the Hacking!

A few years back, a few fine gentlemen were offered sponsored desks at The BizDojo for three months to work on a super cool event concept. Two of them included Shane O’Connell, and Matty Blomfield. The former, coming from a computer science and event background, and the latter, coming from a marketing background, realised that there was an obvious missing piece in the hackathon ecosystem.

Confessions from a coworking newbie: chats, dogs & introductions

Kate has been part of team Dojo as a digital contractor for the last 6 weeks. We asked her to share her perspectives on moving from your average office into co-working life at The BizDojo. 

Just to be clear, I’m an a bit of an interloper at both GridAKL and BizDojo Auckland. A contractor here for a short time and new to coworking. I’m familiar with the concept but had never worked in this kind of space before. And I’m sold. Because, well I have my reasons … 

Innovation, Startup, Events & Eats - A BizDojo guide to exploring Christchurch

Just last week, Tracy and I travelled down to Christchurch to check out the city. One of the main drivers for this trip was to help guide our Auckland and Wellington communities when they ask “What’s happening in Christchurch? Who should I meet? What events should I hit up? Where do I get a great coffee or a bite to eat in the CBD?”. We’re keen to support a well connected ecosystem across the whole country, so with that in mind we jumped on the plane and went for a bit of an adventure.*

8 Do-Good Startups that Change the Game.


Neighbourly is an online platform that connects community projects and initiatives with corporate philanthropy. Supported by the likes of Marks and Spencer and Starbucks, companies looking to embrace corporate responsibility in their area can go onto and find community projects that reflect their values. Projects earn a ‘noise score’ based on how many view they have received, and users can see how much money has already been pledged to each project and by who. Very cool.

OPINION:  Technology - the biggest story of our time?

When the editor of TIME tells you that the changes in technology are the biggest story of our lifetime - you stop and listen. It’s our story, ours to shape and lead as we wish and if you’re reading this blog it’s probably because you’re involved in this exciting change.

We are living through one of the biggest transformations to ever take place and with it brings challenge and opportunity.

To inspire a nation, inspire a generation

Sure, the above title is something I just made up, but it touches on everything that an awesome social enterprise at The BizDojo is all about. In actual fact, this team isn’t only planning on changing our three little Kiwi islands, but also the whole world. Pretty ambitious, but given their track record so far, there’s no doubt that they’re already doing it.