From the wider community: 2015 AUT Motion Capture Symposium

Motion Capture or mocap is one of those technologies that you may (like me) associate strictly with animated films and Andy Circus. But mocap s becoming more ubiquitous as minds open and costs of implementation come down. We had a chat to Harry Silver from Colab about the what and why of MoCap as he and the rest of the Colab team prepare for the 2015 Motion Capture Symposium

Where do you feel are the most exciting new uses for MoCap?
Motion Capture is being used in some of the most exciting areas of technology at the moment including virtual and augmented reality. As costs come down and the barrier to entry lowers even further we are going to see an amazing range of new uses of the technology. Motion capture is indispensable for VR and location-based entertainment as it makes for much better immersion. Magic Leap and 8i are exciting new ideas in the entertainment space that demonstrate this combination of motion capture and other technologies creating ground breaking experiences.

(The Video is of a Daito Manabe collaboration, using motion capture to choreograph drones into a dance performance)

What is exciting you about Motion Capture today?

Two things we are excited about this summer are the Choreographic Coding Lab that we will be hosting in early 2016. The event brings choreography, dance and code together in our Motion Capture Lab for a week long workshop that would no doubt come up with some exciting experimental use of the technology and it’s applications. On the “straighter” side, the AUT Motion Capture Lab is being used to host the judging of Callaghan C-Prize so that the UAV’s performance can be measured with pinpoint accuracy.

Why is the 2015 Motion Capture Symposium important? 
Motion capture is fast becoming a staple technology in some major industries including the film, military, health and games industries. You might not know that it’s also used in training animators, perceptual research, biomechanical analysis for rehabilitation and ergonomic design. There is a lot of development happening in the space across the spectrum and the symposium allows people to share and learn what is happening and what opportunities lay ahead especially when motion capture is combined with other technologies.

(The Video is of a Weta Digital animators working with mocap for the bouncing barrel scene in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug)

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