Scaling Great Ideas From New Zealand: The Edmund Hillary Fellowship

A community of high-impact, entrepreneurs and investors is always something that will provide intrigue. However, The Edmund Hillary Fellowship aims to create more than curiosity. The recently announced fellowship offers an opportunity for those with a vision to create scalable, positive, global impact all from here, in New Zealand. 

The program will bring together 100 international fellows and 20 locals. International fellows will be able to apply for a Global Impact Visa which allows them to work here in New Zealand for three years. All Fellows gain access to partner networks, community, and the support they need to enable their idea to succeed.  

The effects of such a program are many. From drawing new talent, investors, and fresh concepts into the New Zealand startup and innovation ecosystem, to the ability to provide support and chances for international connections with those already based here. The Fellowship's mandate, however, extends far beyond bumping up the startup ecosystem. The EHF team want to capitalise on what they see as a unique opportunity. 

At the end of the day we see a huge opportunity for New Zealand to incubate ideas and projects that can make a significant impact on the world. The size and distance that we have here make New Zealand really agile, and a great place to try things out and create transformative projects that can be scaled elsewhere
— Yoseph Ayele, Chief Executive, Edmund Hillary Fellowship

The EHF program is run by Kiwi Connect, familiar faces to many in the entrepreneurial community. We managed to corner long time BizDojo Wellington resident and Chief Executive of the Edmund Hillary Fellowship -  Yoseph Ayele to talk about the big vision, the great opportunity and all the juicy details you need to know about The Edmund Hillary Fellowship. 

Wondering how you can get involved? Currently, the Edmund Hillary Fellowship crew are looking for great humans to join their team. If the project sounds intriguing head over to their careers page here. For those of you keen on applying to the Fellowship itself, applications open in early 2017 however you can express your interest now here.