Coffee colab on the fly

As a way of getting the community together, we like to hold monthly breakfasts in our dojos. They’re a great chance to have what might just be a second breakfast of the day, hang out with your coworking buds and make some new connections. And sometimes, just sometimes a little bit of magic can happen.

Recently a community breakfast in Wellington created a perfect opportunity for a little on the spot collaboration to make life a little easier using the technology made by one of our residents.

We have great partners Flight Coffee who keep us caffeinated in our Wellington dojo and on this day they came in with a real-life barista Alan to make coffees for everyone. We’re talking a fair few coffees here.

Our Community Ambassador Petreece was hooning around the office taking coffee orders on post-it notes and taking them back to Alan and got spotted by Matt, a developer who thought hey, we could do this better.

Matt works for Posboss who deliver point of sale solutions to hospo folks. And it just so happens that he had been working on adding a new Bluetooth printer to their range. So he grabbed an iPad and the Bluetooth printer, logged into a test account on a test version, set it all up and handed Petreece the iPad.

5 minutes later they had a working system. Petreece was roaming around the office taking orders; Alan was picking them up off the printer, and Matt had coffee delivered to his desk.

Fast paced collaboration in action!

Kate wrangles communications and digital here at BizDojo. If you have a curious tale worth telling reach out to her on twitter