Say a sneaky hello to BizDojo Parnell

You may have spied a few sneaky photos and videos popping up on our founder's twitter and facebook profiles of a new BizDojo space wrapped in sweeping decks that look over the Auckland cityscape. While BizDojo Parnell won’t be officially open until the new year; we thought it only fair to give you all a bit of a sneak peek.

BizDojo Parnell is the start of a bit of an experiment for us, having partnered with Tim Norton and the team from 90 Seconds to create a location that will be a laboratory for us to begin playing with some new ideas around resilience and wellness for our Dojo community. Look out for more on this stuff in 2017. Parnell, like our soon to arrive Takapuna and Ponsonby spaces, will have the coworking you know and love along with studio memberships. Studios allow teams to have a bit of space to call theirs while still being able to be part of the thing that really matters - the wider BizDojo community. Perfect for those after a bit more privacy, but not willing to give up the connections, opportunities to share/collaborate, and weird lunchtime conversations that come with being at the Dojo.

Speaking of community, as you know - all BizDojo locations are built from the heart out - which means that even from day 0 building an awesome community at Parnell has been front of mind for us. To get everything off to a good start we went ahead and hired the amazing Jessica Gasiunas as our Community Manager, and in between wrangling builders and making sure the space is taking shape we asked her about joining the crew and of course the really important question about what gets her dancing... 

Get to know Jess G : BizDojo Parnell Community Manager

What is your new job and what does that mean you’ll be doing every day?
You know that saying, “jack of all trades and a king of none”, well it’s the opposite of that. Community Managers are the bee’s knees and know the in’s and outs of the entire site - but don’t get us wrong, we may need to look a few things up, or come back to you in a few ;)

What are your impressions of your new team?
Wild. Crazy. Ridiculous. Inspiring. My homies. 

What kind of stuff happens on an average day for you?
Learning about companies, people and sorting out the air con. Deck chats, carpark convos, endless amounts of caffeine, and laughter. 

What do you think the next four months is going to look like?
The part of a roller coaster that is going up all the way to the top and you know you’re going to experience a willllllld ride ahead. And the adrenaline is skyrocketing! Endorphins don’t suck either. 

Finish these sentences:

I only dance to… Canadian gems! Drake, J-biebs, the Weeknd, like you’re welcome world! Love, Canada.

I eat… everything! Tacos, pizza, guac, donuts, pickles, cake! Mostly items with a shi*t ton of calories. 

Which social networks waste most of your time? Instagram. Pinterest. 

What’s something about you that not many people know? I can’t live without memes. 

Anya wrangles brand for for BizDojo, when she is not tweeting! You can find her online here.