BizDojo Auckland Has Moved

It is amazing what you can achieve in six years. You can grow an idea into a real living thing, you can meet friends, build great communities full of people with their own ideas and even help those ideas become real too.  For the last six years we have been doing just that, at BizDojo Auckland based up in the Ironbank building on Karangahape Road.

That has been six years of sipping coffee at Alleluya or Millers, a few too many trips to the late night bottle store and a fair few lunches at Mercs. As we have watched our own community grow, we have also seen the same for K Road in general. New faces peppering the old familiars, new ventures and new ideas.

It seems apt then as we herald a new year to share some big news for BizDojo Auckland, as we prepare to move from our beloved K Road for new opportunities.

This is a decision that we have not taken lightly, after all we love K Road - but, we have been given a really great opportunity that is simply too good to pass up. This week we have moved down to Wynyard Quarter, taking a lease in the co-working space at the GridAKL Innovation Precinct in the Lysaght Building at 101 Pakenham Street West.

This means we will be bringing the current GridAKL residents under our wing as BizDojo residents, and adding our current K Road based Ironbank residents to the mix too. The result is an amazing space for our team and resident community to call home, increased diversity in our community and the ongoing support that being part of GridAKL affords being extended to all our BizDojo Auckland family.

BizDojo operates GridAKL on behalf of ATEED, and we will continue to do this in the Lysaght Building, managing the community events space and the GridAKL Tech Café in the rest of the building too.

If you are interested in joining us at BizDojo @ GridAKL pop your details in the form below and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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