BizDojo and Xero 'StepUp' to Deliver Mentoring Programme

March 16th saw the launch of the StepUp Mentorship Programme at BizDojo Wellington, a collaborative venture between BizDojo and Xero. The Xero Mentors will be providing valuable guidance around business growth to a number of Wellington startups over the next six months and helping take them to the next level. 

The launch event was a key first step in this process. A successful mentorship requires the right match between Mentor and Mentee, so we hosted a 'speed dating' event. Xero Mentors were in the hot seat and given just 60 seconds to pitch themselves to the Mentees before both sides had two minutes with each person to find their perfect mentoring match. 

The Xero Mentors come from a wide range of backgrounds, with knowledge and experience in building scalable products, overseas markets, product roadmaps, team building, and more. The Mentees come from Wellington's digital, tech, and creative sectors, and connecting them with mentors from one of NZ's most successful startups is designed to to accelerate Wellington's entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

“We see a huge need for New Zealand startups to have access to quality mentoring and support from experienced people that have faced the problems they're facing. For us at BizDojo it’s fantastic to see Xero, as one of the leading tech lights in New Zealand, stepping up to give back to the ecosystem.” - Jonah Merchant, CEO of BizDojo.

As Jessica Manins, BizDojo's Regional Manager for Wellington, said on the night, "It’s so important Mentors and Mentees find the right match, and that they're going to get along over the next six months." Now that everyone has felt eachother out, it's up to us at BizDojo to don our matchmaking hats and fix everyone up. We can't wait!

Read more about the StepUp Mentoring Programme here

Caitlin is the Marketing & Communications Coordinator for BizDojo Wellington.