A Kiwi at Startup Grind In San Fran

Eva from BizDojo Auckland shares her insights from the Startup Grind Conference.

Each month, I help run Auckland’s chapter of Startup Grind - an event series that sees amazing entrepreneurs share their stories with a room full of their peers. These are super honest, open and gritty conversations, and are pretty great to be part of. Because of my role in this, I travelled to San Francisco last month for the Startup Grind Global Conference... A week full of leadership workshops, Silicon Valley tours, amazing speakers, and a tonne of networking.

During the week, I had the chance to get to know Chapter directors from over 100 cities - including rad humans from Sudan, Kenya, and many more. The Startup Grind organisation has incredible global reach and now is a huge connector of both entrepreneurs and community leaders across the world. This gave me an incredible insight into global entrepreneurial communities, and a better appreciation of the similarities as well as the challenges we are all facing. It was awesome to recognise the same drive and energy for supporting startup communities across the globe, regardless of societal limitations, government restrictions or geographical isolations at play.

The Conference itself saw roughly 3000 people through the doors to see a hell of a speaker lineup over two days and three stages. Not only that, but a giant tent was packed with a bunch of startup exhibitors - which had a really healthy New Zealand presence thanks to the efforts of the Kiwi Landing Pad.

If you weren’t following the livestream during the week, I’d recommend you check out the following quick videos - these were my top two picks from the conference.

If you have more time, check these links out too:

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  • Marc Andreessen publishes some great podcasts on his website a16z. Check it out for a good serving of expertise and insights.

  • Iliana Montauk spoke to us about running Gaza Sky Geeks - the only co-ed coworking space in Gaza. A fascinating insight into how even in the most challenging markets, startup ecosystems can truly thrive.  

  • If you’re in Auckland, check out who’s talking at our Startup Grind event this month.

During the week I explored San Francisco, met a lot of amazing people in the industry, and got to see a lot of different coworking spaces. If you think there might be some pearls of wisdom somewhere in my brain that might help your own San Francisco journey, please get in touch! I am so more than happy to chat about it more over coffee or beer. Best way to reach me is via email - eva@bizdojo.com.

Eva is the Activation Manager at BizDojo Auckland. Follow her on Twitter