Meet Ryan - our new community manager for Christchurch

When he’s not being forced into dress ups for a photoshoot for his new role as Community Manager, he’s wrangling the spinup of our new space in the innovation precinct in Christchurch. A space that is all too familiar to him, after all Christchurch is Ryan’s home! A born and bred Cantabrian, Ryan had already decided to come home and put his passion, drive and homesickness into something that combined his feels for his hometown with his love of people and a desire to help folks and their businesses get where they want to go. So naturally we were like, wanna join us? Thankfully he said yes!

Ryan  is also THE NICEST guy. Seriously. And funny, as demonstrated below. But if you are a Chch local and keen to get to know Ryan yourself reach out to him on le email


What is the best thing about being back in NZ?
Aside from the obvious being back with family, online banking (Japan still uses physical bank books) and mum’s home baking - mmmm feijoa coconut cake.

What’s it like being back in Christchurch?
It’s pretty exciting! It’s like I’m exploring a new city for the first time but then I’ll recognise a place I used to hangout in town. There’s so much great stuff going on in Chch, from the beautiful art works on the side of buildings, the social gatherings and community events like Ministry of Awesome’s Coffee and Jam, to the Diversity Food Market. Christchurch is such an exciting place to be right now.

If you could bring one tradition and have it be part of everyday life here back from Japan what would it be?
One is not enough! Take your shoes off when you go inside! If you’ve been walking all over the dirty grass you can’t just walk straight inside onto the carpet!? It’s dirty and uncivilized. And of course the ability to be totally comfortable, totally nude around strangers (of the same gender) at the hot springs. - maybe this is a bit weird.

What is your new job and what does that mean you’ll be doing every day?
My new job, and it honestly hasn’t felt like ‘work’ yet, is to meet cool people and connect them to other cool people. I did a lot of community support and events in Japan so I’m really lucky that I can do the same here in Christchurch.

What are your impressions of your new team?
Bonkers, I’ll never be able to work in a normal company again. But really good at what they do.

What kind of stuff happens on an average day for you?
I get cravings/flashbacks of conveyer belt sushi in Japan. I’ll bow when talking on the phone, then try pass it off as seeing something interesting on the floor.

What do you think the next four months is going to look like?

What have you been reading/watching or listening to lately?
New Radiohead album is great, and I just discovered that Silicon Valley has 2 seasons I haven’t watched!

If you had to pick between chocolate and cheese what would you choose?
The stinkiest of blue cheeses

If you could time travel and tell your past self something, what would it be?
Don’t be such a jerk to your little sister, you jerk.

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