Watch Wongi 'Freak' Wilson deal to the walls in BizDojo Christchurch

We were lucky enough to secure the talents of Wongi 'Freak' Wilson to work his magic on our blank canvas walls at BizDojo Christchurch. And now everyone who walks up the stairwell gets a real treat for their eyes.

We asked Wongi a few questions about how he got into this and filmed a sweet time lapse vid capturing his mad skills.


What inspires your artwork?

Cartoons, anime, family, friends, other artists, experiences, nostalgia and continuously wanting to progress my skill level. Anything and everything really. When I was first starting out I'd seen a large scale Tats Cru production that made me think, 'that's what I want to do' and I started practicing and developing the skills to paint productions. About a decade ago I saw photorealistic works by the Ma'Claim Crew and started developing my photo real painting skills.

How did you get started?

I was exposed to the culture in the 80's through friends older siblings and also through hip hop. I started doodling and scribbling in my school books, and other kids would bring me their books to draw in too. As the years went on I met like minded friends and we'd learn from each other. Prior to the quakes there were a number of legal walls that we'd go out and paint which is where we honed our large scale painting skills.

What advice would you give to someone getting started in art?

Believe in yourself and do what you love. Find your own way of doing things and don't let other people guide you away from your goals or dreams. But don't expect to start where you want to end up, work hard, learn from your mistakes and you'll get there if you really want to.

What do you think is special about the art scene in Christchurch?

The post quake transformation - Christchurch traditionally is a very conservative city and that generally extends to the arts scene with the exception of the street and graffiti art that blossomed after the quakes. The public murals have become a tourist attraction and we're known around the world for them. We've attracted world-renowned artists to paint murals here and made the most of an apocalyptic time in the city.

What does collaboration mean to you?

Working with other people and each bringing a sense of themselves to the work.

What is the best thing you have seen on the internet lately?

F*** that's Delicious by Vice 

Chef's Night Out | Munchies

See more of Wongi's work at

Special thanks to Maia Media for shooting this awesome vid.