Hello 2017, Hello BizDojo Summer Seminar Series

Hello 2017.

Hello new years resolutions.

Hello gym membership and calling Mum more often and goodbye bank overdraft and buying lunch every day.

There’s something about the changing of the year that inspires us to make a change in ourselves. We reflect on the year that has been, and decide what we don’t want to see in the year to come. However these reflections should really go beyond our personal goals, what should we be working on professionally?

Supported by GridAKL in Auckland and Collider in Wellington, the BizDojo Summer Seminar Series aims to help you get on top of your professional new year resolutions, whether you’ve made some or not.

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We’ve talked to our entrepreneurial coworking communities and identified four core areas of business that entrepreneurs and innovators are pretty damn good at putting off throughout the year. Using this information we’ve produced free workshops nationwide using facilitators who are super wizards on each topic. And, we have decided to keep the sessions on the smaller side so that everyone present can really get as much out of them as possible. 

Yup, you officially have no excuse now.

While we’re still fine tuning some of the later workshops, you can check out what’s coming up for the first week and what you can look forward to.

Public speaking
Oh snap! This topic is a biggie and it’s kicking off the first week of the series.

Nearly everyone we spoke to said they’d like to get better at public speaking. Whether it’s from pitching your business to confidently voicing your ideas, to make it in this sometimes crazy business eco-system you need to have a voice.

The choice team from Speaker Tribes will be helping Auckland attendees find their voice, ignite community, inspire learning and empower speakers to become outstanding. In Wellington, Triple Crown Award winning Toastmaster, Tony Henderson-Newport will be taking Wellington attendees through everything from pitches to structure to audience engagement.

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Social media and personal brand
Whether you’re a social media whiz but only when it comes to tagging friends in "dank memes", or you didn’t grow up with a smartphone in your back pocket, getting better at social media for business is relevant to everyone. And is a powerful marketing tool you shouldn't underestimate.

The Christchurch workshop has no other than Todd and Brydon Heller of New Zealand’s beloved Hellers. Todd and Brydon will be running their attendees through how they built their multi-award winning brand and their creative use of social media to do so. 

The Wellington series is very lucky to have Lucy Revill of The Residents who will be going through how she taught herself tricks and tips to grow an audience for Instagram, Facebook, blogging and Snapchat. Lucy will also be delving into the impact the social media and personal branding can have on a business.

Like many early stage and growth businesses, there’s an inevitable “oh shit” moment, at some point in the year where the spreadsheets don’t 100% work out.

Getting better at balancing the books shouldn’t just be a personal resolution, and business finances are a whole other ball game. Luckily the number wizards at Deloitte will be running our Wellington and Auckland budgeting workshops to help us make a stellar budgeting plan for the rest of 2017. The we can make it rain. On a unicorn.

Time management
Sadly having the phrase “Don’t put something off tomorrow what you can do today”, in our heads is not quite enough to inspire great time management. Many of us need to hear from a time management whiz to give us tips and tricks so we’re nailing our deadlines, and that’s exactly what these workshops will bring.

So whether you've read through this nodding madly at wanting to nail all four topics, or if you just want some tips and tweaks in one area, it's important to recognise the need for business resolutions.

We're looking forward to seeing your face at one of our workshops across New Zealand and we'll be updating you via our newsletter, Twitter and Facebook as the other sessions are locked in.

Caitlin is the Wellington BizDojo and Collider MarComms person. Caitlin's business new year's resolution is to stop typing about herself in third person.