Graduation piece: Method has grown too big for BizDojo

 Method's team of innovators has expanded from two to nine with staff positioned across New Zealand and Australia. 

Method's team of innovators has expanded from two to nine with staff positioned across New Zealand and Australia. 

You’ve probably seen them at the airport. Or maybe you've encountered them during your weekly grocery shop. Perhaps you’ve come across them on your most recent visit to see the Gallipoli exhibition at Te Papa. They’re always right where you need them, looking pretty damn fly in a corner somewhere, waiting to be needed.

Method’s beautiful bins are quickly becoming a staple in any innovative and creative environment and BizDojo Wellington is sorry to see the visionaries behind this product leave our coworking space after nearly 5 years! 


We sat down with Method's co-founders; India and Steven Korner to hear about their time at BizDojo and what’s next on their epic growth journey.

So when did it all begin?
[Steven] I first started in the BizDojo back in April 2013 when the space was down on Vivian Street. I would commute to Wellington 2 days a week from the Wairarapa to work on Total Bins, which was our business before Method officially launched.

I was still designing the product that you see today and understanding the market. We sold our first Method bin in 2015 and then we moved the family to Wellington as we wanted to be close to the airport. India was then able to join me in the BizDojo. 

[India] I would bring the boys in and they loved the giant Panda that used to be there. Ralphie was only 3months old and would often get passed around or even taken into meetings by other Residents. 

 Ralphie and Charles have grown up a lot!

Ralphie and Charles have grown up a lot!

After nearly 5 years at the BizDojo, what has been your highlight as a resident here?

[India] After it was announced that we won the Westpac growth grant back in 2016, the BizDojo crew covered our desk in balloons with our bin icons drawn on them. That was a really nice surprise to come back to.

[Steven] My highlight would definitely be winning the Westpac growth grant. Leading up to the event were given vital help from other residents for our pitch and entering the competition itself. 

Tell us about Method’s new home?
[India] We knew our new office had to look great after being in the BizDojo for so long. It’s such a nice environment here and we don’t think we would have been able to hire the staff we have if we weren’t based in the BizDojo. 

[Steven] Our new office is open plan with wooden floors and we’ve used Europlan furniture so it’s still got a bit of a Dojo-vibe. We’re most excited about having a dedicated meeting room which will double as a workshop studio. We also have space for training and product development. Being in our new office means we now have plenty of room to support our future growth. 

 Method's new home on Blair Street, Wellington.

Method's new home on Blair Street, Wellington.

What will you miss about being in the BizDojo?

[Seven] The camaraderie really. Entrepreneurship is usually a lonely endeavour, but from our time in the BizDojo we’ve got to know some really great people and we’ll miss being able to catch-up with them at the end of the week.

[India] Yeah, we’ll miss the community. We work really hard during the week so we don’t get a lot of time to chat to people but on Fridays, we can relax and catch-up with everyone over a few drinks, so we’ll miss that.

Ahh we're gonna miss you too!