Stop, Collaborate and Listen. BizDojo is back with wellness intentions.

Are you sitting at your desk? 

Are your shoulders a bit hunched, your mind feeling like it can't possibly deal with the week's workload and you feel like you can never make it to the gym anymore?

Join the club! This club isn't exclusive either. It's jam packed with on the go, busy business workers who often feel like there aren't enough hours in the day to accomplish what they need. This club is full of creative brains and clever minds who often forget to slow down and take the time to look after what is really important; themselves.

Last October BizDojos across the nation took part in New Zealand's Mental Health Awareness Week after we recognised how important mental health is for time poor entrepreneurs and businesses owners. Since then BizDojo Wellington has launched a weekly wellbeing programme designed specifically for our non-stop coworking community.

In collaboration with Nourished As and CoLiberate, the Wellington wellbeing programme contains three main elements:

Wellness sessions

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 2.19.18 PM.png

Twice a week 15 minute guided meditation sessions take place to give residents a clear mind in the morning so they're starting their working day full of direction. Then once a week we gather offer coffee to have a casual discussion around workplace wellbeing topics.


Functional fitness classes

As a result of the support from Urban Fitness Gym the Wellington Wellness Programme hosts high impact workouts designed to allow a tightly scheduled resident to pop around the corner and release any tension built up over the morning. 

Thanks to David Binstead from 43words for capturing some slightly puffed words from our residents who had just finished kicking butt! 

Last but not least, a massage!

There’s nothing quite like taking 20 minutes out of each Friday to have the weeks neck strain massaged out by a professional masseuse.

For business owners and entrepreneurs who focus a lot on their work it’s often their health and wellness that suffers. You’re no good to yourself, your staff and your family if your mental and physical health isn’t in check. What I aim to do is to flip it around and bring the focus back to the individual so they’re able to effectively do their job. And that is what this programme has been designed around”
— Ben Cole | Founder of Nourished As

While this wellness programme currently only operates out of BizDojo Wellington, we hope to see it expanded it to our other sites in Christchurch and Auckland. 

Caitlin is the MarComms lady for BizDojo Wellington. She enjoys long mindful walks on the beach and throwing sticks at stupid Seagulls.