BizDojo Takapuna: meet our community manager Sinead!

We recently welcomed aboard our latest BizDojo community - Takapuna! We managed to wrangle BizDojo Takapuna Community Manager Sinead for a quick chat about community, productivity and what exactly excites her about Takapuna life! 

You recently joined the team Sinead, can you tell us a bit about what motivated you to join BizDojo?  
I was trolling the internet as you do, and I came across the BizDojo website. I was so inspired by a company that is all about human connections! I saw the potential to be a part of dynamic community where everyone is all about collaboration and working together.

 BizDojo Takapuna is your home BizDojo, can you tell us about some of the things you are excited about doing in this spot?
Takapuna is such a tight-knit community, and I am really keen to get amongst, meet the locals, and support the community. I hope our space will become a hub of social connectivity through all the rad events we host. We have such a beautiful space, and I want to show it off to the world!

What skills do you think you and your wider team bring to the table to help local businesses grow?
I am a passionate community builder and I love to connect people to each other. Who knows, the next big thing could come from connecting people over a casual yarn in the kitchen. Being a part of a community where everyone feels valued and where their dreams are nurtured is also important to us.

What is exciting you most about BizDojo Takapuna being open!?
The potential it brings for everyone who engages with our space! I really want our space to be a place where everyone comes to share ideas, and work together. We are inspired by our beautiful neighbourhood and love weaving those beach vibes into our space.

Tell us a bit about your current community - who are your BizDojo Taka’s fam?
We have a great mix of humans from a variety of different industries, from HR software to video animation. I think that is one of the best things about being a resident of BizDojo, no matter the location. You have that opportunity to connect to others from a completely different industry, only while sitting feet away from each other.

Local secrets - what is your fav local place to grab lunch? Or to take your lunch break?
Big shout out to Biann sushi! I also find Little and Friday to be a perfect spot to grab a coffee and a treat.

When you aren't at BizDojo you are….
Having a cheeky swim at Cheltenham beach! We recently moved to Devonport so we are enjoying discovering all it’s little gems.

So what is your fav gif?

Fav song to get you through the working day: ‘Hold on’ by Sachi
Fav productivity tip: Make lists, because it is so satisfying to cross them out!

Wanna meet Sinead for yourself? (who wouldn't?) Come and
visit BizDojo Takapuna - find out more here.