New faces across BizDojo this week

Here's a snapshot of all the lovely new faces that BizDojo across the country has had in their spaces. 

Dojo @GridAKL - Matthew Griffin from Future Sight Consulting. Matt is a blockchain enthusiast who is researching how the blockchain can make for better tax policy. Eventbrite’s Marketing Manager Brad McIntyre is also adding value to the Wynyard fam. 

The ever expanding Takas has been joined by Matt Bogust from the beautifully designed Think Packaging and Stewart Kearny, Director of Good for Business, an accounting and business advisory with a focus on sustainability. 

The Welly Dojo has been joined by Irene Wakefield CEO and founder of Prepair NZ, and Josiah Pasikale founder of his own film business called Firetale

The Dojo Chch Fam has also expanded with Risk Management Specialist, Richard Sewak from LifeStyle Solutions and cat lover, Karen Yu from Fintech company, Broadway Technology.