BizDojo’s Nick Shewring and Chloe Lamb will be representing New Zealand at Coworking Conference Australia this weekend!

Nick will be sharing his bold, forward thinking and often colourful opinions at a panel on Friday titled Coworking Around the Region. Topics at the conference will include sharing experiences in hosting coworking communities, and discussing current international trends on the future of coworking.

Keynote speakers include Brad Krauskopf (Hub Australia, Third Spaces), Anna Cashman (Deskwanted), and Alex Hillman (Indy Hall).

Alex is a global coworking superstar notable for his continuous efforts in pushing the coworking movement. He is known for his straight-forward style depicted well in such blog posts as “Sex, Coworking and Rock n’ Roll”. In 2010, he succesfully raised money through the Coworking Google Group to buy the domain, and set up a central home for the movement.

The second day of the Coworking Conference will be an unconference with ten minute presentations from attendees. Nick is going in with his mind set on creating connections and headlocking like minds into global collaborations!

“I want to see more Kiwi and Australian creative businesses collaborate. I’m keen to find ways for us to succeed internationally by working together rather than competing with each other.“


P.S. Chloe prepared for Melbourne by printing a suitcase full of stickers at the Co.Space printing cave. Beware of the BizDojo Sticker-Ninja slapping these on unsuspecting people’s backs…