A Creative Expansion


Like a parent watching their children leave home, we shed a quiet tear when Louise Lawton and her business, The Creative Store, said goodbye to the BizDojo last month. But we just had to understand - The Creative Store needed to stretch its wings in a bigger space.

We are certainly as proud as punch of Louise’s success in the past year. She started her recruitment agency from scratch not knowing how it would go, but was armed with plenty of enthusiasm and excitement about its potential.  Louise worked hard, stayed honest and most importantly, always had one ear to the ground.  With the New Zealand job market constantly changing Louise had to go with her instincts, especially when it came to engaging with the creative industry.   

“I think the recruitment principles are pretty much the same for the mass market employment, especially since creative and digital is now so intertwined into every company. 

“But the main thing our client’s need are recruiters who understand and work with them. It’s very much about knowing your candidates and your clients, and I have worked with many of them for several years so know what they are looking for.”

For Louise the BizDojo was a great starting out point. Friends working here told her about the office space which couldn’t have come at a more perfect time as she wanted to work in a larger environment and be around creative people. Then in May, when The Creative Store hit the one year mark, Louise felt it was overdue for her to start employing people to work within the business.  

“It made financial sense to find our own office and we needed a dedicated interview space.”

Future plans for The Creative Store?

“To keep doing what we are doing.  I have a few plans up my sleeve for the next year, so watch this space!”