Across our desks this week: Spatial design, community building and business that makes you feel good

Video is Brad Frost at Webstock 2015

- Find it hard to get up and out to work, ‘Why you turn up’ by Don Goodrum (Percolate Design) is essential reading.

- Diggin’ in the Carts is a documentary all about Japanese Video Game Music, and it is rad.

- Austin Kleon is an interesting fellow, and so is this list of books he really enjoyed reading last year.

- We really enjoyed reading this run down on Open Source Society 2015 by Bill Bennett, lots and lots of great insights.

- Startup lessons worth listening to (maybe?) from the crew at Startups HK, lots of honesty in this one.

- We are always interested in how people work, especially rad folks like Markus and Daniel from Freitag.

- Minimalist Maps presents a new way of perceiving data in this visual way to look at cartography.

- Creepy and catty, a giant wool cat hat you can wear as a mask. We want one.
- Art meets tech, meets beauty, meets the natural world, meets you - you think its rad.

- Book review: Tactical Urbanisim, tackles the intersection of spatial design, community and the shaping of urban spaces.

- The High Snobriety guide to Berlin Gallery Weekend 2015 is exactly what he says it is. It is also good.

- Architects of the future: How young designers are taking on space constraints, the cost of living and technology.

- The Age of drone vandalism - possibly the best use of drones ever?

Drink of the week: Sea of Green from our friends over at Garage Project.
Eat of the week:
Brooklyn Dogs fed the crew at Flounders Club and they were awesome - get amongst Aucklanders.
Creative thing of the week:
Julien Salaud’s string and light installation is like if tron and a spider had a baby. But not scary.
Link of the week:
Feels we get behind, Rebecca Mills and Alina Siegfried tackles the intersection of doing business and doing good.