Alan Brannigan, Founder of Vigil Monitoring


Alan is an electronics engineer bitten by the entrepreneurial bug. His first business venture was a Hong Kong based company called Objective Concepts Ltd, which specializes in consumer electronics design. After living in Hong Kong for five years, he moved back to New Zealand three years ago and started developing his second start-up, Vigil Monitoring.

Vigil is a cloud-based biometric sensor platform, which monitors the user and sends data into the cloud. The software will be developed for different smartphone operating systems.

Alan explains some of the basic functions: “A typical situation might be an old lady falling down in her apartment, and the sensors would detect her falling and send an alert to St. John’s hospital. Or, for example, if her heart rate was abnormal it might send an alert to her GP.”

Vigil is being backed by Sir Ray Avery, who is a shareholder in the start-up.

Alan is keen to learn about the programming skills in-house at The BizDojo, so if you know your code, you might want to have a chat with Alan some day in the Dojo kitchen!