An Auction website reversed: launched


Wellington BizDojo resident has successfully launched their revolutionary auction website.

Their counter-intuitive auction model reverses the typical process by having retailers do the bidding. Customers choose from categories and add details of an item they would like to buy, at which point local retailers can make offers. As the bidding progresses, retailers can edit their offers and compete with not just the price but also with special deals, such as free delivery. This allows for a more customer-oriented buying and selling experience.

The revolutionary website was founded by Erin Walshe, an ex-head of FX trading at Westpac NZ. In addition to the online site, operates as a mobile site, tapping into the growing mobile commerce industry. The site is free for consumers and signing up can be done easily via Facebook Login. Retailers are charged a monthly flat fee.

We are as excited as ever to see this innovative site kick off and get some sweet shopping deals!

Congratulations on the launch, Pricemaker!