Auckland Startup Weekend Arrives Full to Capacity


All great business ideas start somewhere small. However, the length of time it takes to get an idea to market means a lot of concepts never get off the ground.

But thanks to Auckland Startup Weekend, potential new companies were able to make headway into the business world through 54 hours of frenzied activity involving prototype creation, perfecting ‘the pitch’, and learning a substantial amount from expert business mentors.

Phil Williams from The Biz Dojo spent some time at the event over the weekend as a mentor. He thinks that the Startup format is interesting because it really forces people into validating their idea in an incredibly short space of time. He also enjoys how it allows for a couple of real business gems to be created and even for the ones that don’t make it it’s still a great experience.

“I love how it brings together a wide range of people, from corporate folk to start up day jobbers and entrepreneurs, which really gets all the creative and technical ‘juices’ flowing. It generates such a buzz around entrepreneur-ship, which can only be good for New Zealand.”

And for the winners of the weekend, ArriveSupplied, the future destination of their concept is looking bright. Initially targeting the international tourist market in New Zealand (around 200,000 people per annum) ArriveSupplied offers different packages that are delivered to tourist’s rooms. From the beach box, to the baby box, business box and local experience box, ArriveSupplied want to offer people the ability to order essential arrival items, delivered straight to their accommodation. It takes all the hassle out of locating those items themselves.  

As the pitch coach for ArriveSupplied, Phil was thrilled to assist such a well prepared team.

“It was easy to work with a group whose product was already well thought out, they had already done a lot of planning and had many boxes ticked. It was just about shaping the presentation so the judges could tell how much work had been done, as well as telling story in a compelling manner.”

Phil is looking forward to seeing ArriveSupplied’s progress post Startup Weekend, when the team use their prize of ten free days at The Biz Dojo premises. 

Team Selecta, an app for organising sports teams and players by ranking, positions they play and availability, was the runner-up. The People’s Choice award went to Wedding Advisors, an app and website designed as a one stop shop for wedding supplier listings, that could also be peer reviewed.

With 115 participants and mentors, 40 ideas pitched, 12 teams formed and the event attracting interest from twice as many people as were able to attend, another Startup weekend is already on the cards and you can register here.

RadioLIVE were at Startup Weekend and they recorded an hour long programme from the event which you can listen to here.