BizDojo Friends Launch Futuristic Lighting System on KickStarter


BizDojo partner company MEA Mobile has launched a KickStarter campaign for their “iGloLED” – a smartphone controllable strip of LED lights.

iGloLED is a strip of coloured LED lights that you control with an iPhone or Android control app. You can interact with the lights in real time, program and save patterns, individually address each LED in the strip, select from a full colour palette and create dynamic effects.

The product has caused an immediate buzz, with features on MacLife, Gizmodo, Engadget, and other industry publications.

“Makes Any Room a Hundred Times More Fun.” - Gizmodo.

The next step in the product’s development is raising funds to produce a new low-cost 12 volt product based on their prototype… with more versions of the control software. They will also create a development kit so third parties can access the controller platform, enabling endless uses above and beyond lighting control.

iGloLED is perfect for people with a love for lighting and technology. You could do just about anything with the light strips… from retail window design, accent lighting, xmas lights, car interiors, bar and restaurant environments… Your imagination is the limit!

If you’re like us, and can’t wait to play around with iGloLED, go to Kickstarter and pledge the project.