BizDojo Resident Smashes Kickstarter Funding Target in 18 Hours


OpusFresh, a new adventurewear clothing line, has raised over $22,000 USD on Kickstarter in less than 18 hours.

The label is the brainchild of James Simpson & Laura Currie, two adventurous and talented souls from Ohakune and Auckland. It’s based around a core line of functional merino pieces, designed to keep you warm in the harshest conditions… while still looking fashion forward in the city.

Simpson is an adventure sports nut and outdoor filmmaker based in The BizDojo Auckland, while Currie is a graphic designer with fashion leanings. The couple met many years ago on the snow where he “taught” her to snowboard, breaking her arm in the process! Despite the icy beginnings, a great partnership formed. The OpusFresh line is the output of several years of trial and error, endless prototypes, and big dreams.

Simpson & Currie decided to crowdsource the funding for their initial line on Kickstarter, the worlds largest crowdfunding platform. They used the BizDojo’s “Kickstarter for Kiwis” channel, which assists local businesses with the financial setup required to use the USA-only site, as well as hands-on advice from experienced crowdsourcers.

OpusFresh set an initial funding target of $16,000 USD. In the first 12 hours, they raised $7.5k, mostly from local sources. At that point, the project was featured in Kickstarters Staff Picks and Popular searches, which tipped off a wave of international backers. Add some local PR, and the pair quickly sailed beyond their target. Funding is now projected to reach over $50K USD.

Read more and back the project HERE.

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