BizDojo Residents Set to Map Auckland’s Creative Ecology


Elise and Candy at the TPPA Reception at Co.Space.

Long time dojo'ers Creative Coalition have announced a major research project to map Auckland’s “creative ecology”.

The intent of the project is to create a network map of the people who form the Auckland creative sector. The research will focus on discovering how they are interlinked, as well as what their needs and aspirations are.

Produced from an independent (i.e. non-government) perspective, the report will provide a resource to inform future decision making affecting the creative sector.

Arts policy researcher Elise Sterback will drive the project as the lead researcher, and works part-time from the Auckland Dojo. Residents Candy Elsmore and Elisabeth Vaneveld sit on the Creative Coalition Board.

Are you in the creative sector? Want to have some input into the study? The team are conducting a survey so interested parties can participate in the research. Details found here.

There will also be a public meeting held in mid to late January… stay tuned for dates.