BMD Joins Us, and Brings Along His Mad Skills

If you’re an Auckland dweller, you may not be aware that Wellington’s most prolific street artist is undeniably the mastermind of BMD. If you’ve been to Wellington’s CBD, you’ve almost definitely seen his quirky animal dissections and twisted creatures unfurling across walls, shop shutters, and even entire buildings. His art appears in suburbs, downtown, and beyond, since he’s made his way to Auckland, New Plymouth, and beyond.

BMD’s not just an artist, he’s also a talented designer with an entrepreneurial eye. He’s also a Dojo Wellington resident. Recently, he’s added an amazing mural to our interior. Scope the rad lady above!

We caught up with him for an interview, to see what sort of new things he’s exploring:

+What have you been up to lately? 

I’ve been climbing up all over the place painting the town red. Well most colours really. BMD has just completed a few collaborative projects working with a choreographer at the Museum Art Hotel, and another with Orchestra Wellington. They even had a 6-piece brass band playing while we painted; mum was proud. We’ve also helped create an online magazine app with the villainous Young Gifted and Broke collective, which just went live last week. So we’ve been working hard and running up and down the country trying to make things work – no one wants to be Old Gifted and Broke.

+What is Gangs, and what other ventures have you got your hands into?

Everyone is in some kind of gang. The brand Gangs just pools people together through a small line of gang attire. Like-minded, thrill seeking individuals join a gang by buying an item. They then proudly portray their membership through wearing the clothing - like a gang patch – and become gangsters. We’re all about positive communities, so no gang symbols on your desk please.

 I’m also ½ of a New Zealand gentleman’s leather goods brand called Elver. An elver is an adolescent eel and we celebrate their remarkable life cycle through our hardwearing leather greats. We create well-designed, simple to use and functional backpacks and footwear aimed to help emerging entrepreneur’s and creatives on their remarkable journeys through life.

 +Where’s your art at in your head right now? Any particular images/influences you’ve become interested in lately?

We’re working towards a kama sutra book, so our direction has changed dramatically in the last few months. I spent a month in India doing some research and travelling around gathering inspiration for this project. This has led me to be driven by human forms and intermit relationships. I’ve been enormously influenced by my ex-girlfriend; art imitates life or something right? Ironically, she left me for this new art direction, but credit where it’s due.

+How’s using the Dojo going for you? What are some of the benefits?

I love it here. Everyone seems to work remarkably hard and I find it a motivating experience every time I come in. It’s a healthy and stimulating place to come and create in. I just wish I was better at the quizzes so I don't seem like such a public school kid. 

+Anything exciting coming up in the near future that we should be aware of?

I’m releasing the new line of Gangs Friday 16th at Good As Gold (Wellington) with a launch party. Come get a tattoo and join a gang. Also, the BMD kama sutra book is also taking shape so keep an eye out for those developments, you might just learn some new manoeuvres.