Collaboration and carparks

It’s not hard to see why ‘Collaboration is in our DNA’ is a common phrase among creative, community and coworking organisations. Finding a mutually beneficial way of working is a great way to save time, money, energy and resources - and it leads us to ideas we could never have arrived at alone.

BizDojo Wellington is lucky to have a collaborative relationship with furniture company Haworth by Europlan, who help to create our one-of-a-kind coworking environments. Having the team working with and alongside us in the space means we can experiment with improvements and new ideas as they happen. It also means Haworth by Europlan are familiar with the products and services offered by the many talented, resourceful and forward-thinking people who work from the Dojo.


Pictured: Steven Korner in situ at BizDojo Wellington.

Talented? Resourceful? Forward-thinking? Enter, Steven Korner from Method Recycling. Steven has been working at the Wellington Dojo for a year and a half, and is the creator of some seriously stylish recycling systems for offices who want to make being good to the environment a clean and clear process. Method’s work has fast been gaining recognition for its sleek and user-friendly design, and Haworth by Europlan were so taken with Steven’s work that they now promote and distribute his bins all around New Zealand.

Last week Haworth by Europlan and Method Recycling took their collaboration to the streets for PARK(ing) Day with help from architectural design company Jasmax, another organisation which works with a focus on sustainability. PARK(ing) Day is an annual day-long global event which transforms metered car parking spaces into temporary public space. The event was born in San Francisco and has inspired the reimagining of urban environments worldwide since 2005. Jasmax came up with three concepts to develop into art installations on Johnston Street for PARK(ing) Day in Wellington. The concepts explore themes of waste, sustainability and jolly good fun.

Steven’s recycling bins featured in a work called Take Away/Throw Away, while Haworth by Europlan’s Maymay chairs, made of recycled PET plastics, provided a comfortable perch for onlookers at the Circle of Life installation. Jasmax’s giant pillow was a major drawcard - everyone loves the chance to leap into a massive cloud of comfy in the middle of a work day!


Pictured: Thane Houston-Stevens from Jasmax with Take Away/Throw Away. Haworth by Europlan’s Lauren Smith with the Circle of Life installation.

For BizDojo, working with Haworth by Europlan means our resident businesses are surrounded by the swishest workplace solutions available. Haworth by Europlan’s connection with Method Recycling adds yet another beautiful, modern product range to their arsenal, and takes Method’s bins to a new client base. Jasmax’s collaborative PARK(ing) Day installation series gave both companies the chance to try something new, engage with the public and promote awareness of issues they care about.

Collaboration is an invaluable tool for growth and evolution. Sure, sharing your ideas can feel like a risk and it’s worth giving some solid consideration to your motives but, when you share with the right people, collaborating is a great way to better understand the value you bring, extend your networks and gain perspective.


Pictured: Thane of Jasmax and Haworth by Europlan’s Paul ‘Swifty’ Swift leaping on a giant pillow.

Nik Jarvie-Waldrom is BizDojo Wellington’s Community Manager. Follow her on Twitter @nikinajar.