Confessions from a coworking newbie: chats, dogs & introductions

Kate has been part of team Dojo as a digital contractor for the last 6 weeks. We asked her to share her perspectives on moving from your average office into co-working life at The BizDojo. 

Just to be clear, I’m an a bit of an interloper at both GridAKL and BizDojo Auckland. A contractor here for a short time and new to coworking. I’m familiar with the concept but had never worked in this kind of space before. And I’m sold. Because, well I have my reasons … 

It’s been super easy to fit in here, partly because you don’t really feel like the new girl, because there are always people coming and going. None of those glances that say ‘who are you stranger and what are you doing here?’

People that work in coworking spaces, other than being ridiculously friendly also seem to be well practiced in the art of introductions. Introducing themselves, or introducing you to others. I’ve always thought that is a particular skill that kiwis lack so it’s great to be proven wrong.

And because you don’t work for the same company there is instantly something to talk about.

Everyone here also seems to have genuine passion and concern for each other. They want each other to succeed. It’s nice being around that sort of positivity. But it’s not in an annoying over the top everything is awesome kind of way.

Sitting in different places gives you a different perspective. Literally. We are creatures of habit and it’s good to change things up every now and again. It’s like when you’re sitting at a table in a restaurant and then you move tables, it’s like your night started all over again. It’s like that except in the daytime, at work. But without people bringing you food.

Except, there always seems to be food. Someone always seems to have a little something up for grabs. Snacks have definitely not been an issue. They just magically appear.

I’ve saved so many trees already. Even though I work in digital, I’ve always been a bit of a print nerd. When I have a permanent desk, it’s usually covered in piles of paper. And then when I’d go to find the thing I was looking for and couldn’t, I’d print it again. But knowing that I’m going to need to clear all my things away at the end of the day, helps me minimise the mess I’m making. Of course tools like Google Docs we’re using go some ways towards this as well.

THERE IS A DOG HERE. And I like it. I’m not an overly dog person, but there is something really satisfying about looking down and seeing a little pile of fluff having a snooze next to you while you work. And just the way she brings all the people together, without even trying.

I’m really enjoying my time here, because of the place but mostly because of the people. And it’s helping me work out what’s important to me in my next work gig. So thanks for having me.