Danny Dillen, Founder of Vivenda

Product designer, Danny Dillen, has moved into Co.Space and brought along a Makerbot Desktop 3D Printer. Danny’s friends with our long-time Co.Space resident Bhavesh Bhuthadia.


Danny has spent the past year overseas. He spent 10 months working in Chile designing wooden and metal containers that were turned into all kinds of different spaces from offices to bedrooms.

“I worked for an architectural firm that converted containers into basically anything you needed. It’s a lower cost way of building things. One guy could build a simple container and then get someone to do the electrics and plumbing. Finally the end product could just be trucked off anywhere.”

Danny came back to New Zealand two months ago to get into the 3D printing business. Over Christmas, Danny founded his own 3D printing, prototyping and product development company, Vivenda.

“3D printing is really taking off now. It’s useful and people need it. A lot of the prototyping that used to go on was really expensive and time-consuming. 3D printing is way cheaper and faster. You can actually have a physical object within a day that you can look at and see what needs to be done with the design.”


Meet our new Co.Space resident, the Ironman.

In the picture are two items printed with the Makerbot: an Ironman mask and a transformable cube. They’re made from PLA.

PLA is a class of environmentally friendly plastic and made of completely natural ingredients. It is a mix of cornstarch and sugarcane derivatives.

“Basically, it smells like pancakes when it’s printing.”

If you’re interested in learning more about 3D printing, pop in to Co.Space!