Did you know...

who invented Jellies?

Late last year, we wrote about the history of coworking and shared offices. Soon after the emerging of coworking spaces, gatherings called jellies started popping up around the world. But what are jellies and how did they start?

Jellies are essentially any kinds of free events thrown in the spirit of coworking and collaboration. The first ever coworking event dubbed Jelly was held in March 2006 by Amit Gupta and his former roommate, Luke Crawford. The idea was simply to invite other people to work out of their home in a bi-weekly Jelly meeting. They chose the name ‘Jelly’ because they came up with the idea while eating jellybeans.

 “Luke and I were both working from home and we missed having other people to share ideas with,” Gupta said in a Wired article in 2007.

The word about the Jelly meeting was spread through a Google group and a wiki, and anyone was welcome to attend. On the days that Jelly took place; Gupta’s tiny living room in Manhattan became a work zone from 9:30 a.m. until 6 p.m. Bedrooms were reserved for private calls and the kitchen acted as a break area.

The original Manhattan Jelly meeting has since sparked a whole worldwide phenomenon. In January this year, the annual Worldwide Jellyweek took place for the third time. During Jellyweek, people are welcomed to organize free, public coworking events all around the globe.

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So now you know how a bunch of nerds sitting around on their laptops in a tiny livingroom inspired an entire movement..!