Do. See. Read. - Late July Edition


What we are reading, listening to, engaging with and flicking through this month


Spark For The Fire: How youthful thinking unlocks creativity - Ian Wharton

“However bizarre something may seem initially, ignore experience and pay attention to the kid in you, as it always pays to say yes, sure why not, if only in your head - because that is where great potential comes from.”

So many designers/agency heads churn out books telling us to do this, that or the other. I read them once and then discard them onto the pile of ‘pop psych from agency heads’ books in the corner of my room. This isn’t one of those books and as we head into mid year, where summer seemed oh-so-far away you may be looking for a little creative inspiration to get you excited again. This is that. Take it.

More info | Ian Wharton at Blab 8

Value Proposition Design: How to create products and services customers want - Alex Osterwalder, Yves Pigeneur, Greg Bernada, Alan Smith

“Less a book and more an essential toolkit for helping your company build its ability to understand what you do for your customers, and fit your products to their needs”

When I asked the Dojo family what we should feature, Phil came back rather quickly with this suggestion. The thing is I know it’s a goodie, because I often see this book sitting on the desks of BizDojo residents in Auckland, Wellington and over at GridAKL.

More info & order here

Designing Patterns - Lotta Kühlhorn

“For me its not the technical thing that is so important its the idea, the inspiration”

I have my head buried in this book I picked up at Semi Permanent, a super practical guide to pattern creation by one of the best in the business. An essential for any designers bookshelf.

More info | Order here

Headstrong: 52 women who changed science - and the world - Rachel Swaby

I first read about this book in the Wired April 2015 issue - where the intro detailed exactly why Swaby had written this book. A NYT obit for Yvonne Brill listing her as “world’s best mom” without mention of the whole other thing she did - being a brilliant rocket scientist. Engagingly written and with a global focus, this book brings into focus 52 women we should be celebrating.

More info | Order here


City of Gold - Laura Gabbert

For the uninitiated a film about a food critic who is more likely to review a food truck taco than fine dining may seem a slightly strange recommendation. Then again Jonathan Gold is more than just a food critic. The Pulitzer Prize winning author of the regular food columns in the LA Times has an uncanny ability to unveil a very human, tangible and remarkably real side of LA with love letters to fried chicken and dak galbi. This film is a gentle reminder about the power of the written word, of passion and lastly of something we all take for granted - a meal. Go with friends and break bread after.

More info | Season has closed for NZIFF in Auckland, Wellington tickets here

The Art of Misuse  - Evan Roth at Beyond Tellerand 2014

Part hacker, part artist, part just curious guy - Evan Roth recently spoke at Semi Permanent in Auckland. If you were unable to make it, this 2014 talk on public space, graffiti, hacker philosophy and the power of people is a goodie.

More info & watch here

The Colour of Pomegranates  - Sayat Nova

This film is really strange and also really striking. Playing as NZFF it is well worth a look if you like your films overflowing with symbolism and haunting imagery. If you leave the theatre without an opinion, some clever thinking or the inspiration for a painting then I’m not sure what to do for you.

More info & ticket booking through NZFF

Going to:


Running Lean - Ash Maruya

AUG 26 and 27, GridAKL Auckland

Festival For The Future

SEPT 4-6, AUT Sir Paul Reeves Building

Practical User Research for Digital Design, workshop with Matt Gould

AUG 14, Studio One Toi Tu

Colab: Labs Network Open Day

JULY 28, Various places, Auckland


Lean 15 - Why lean startup changes everything

OCT 5 to 7, Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington

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JULY 22 and 23, Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington

New Zealand PHP Conference 2015

SEPT 2 of September Victoria University – Kelburn Campus, Wellington



SEPT 10 and 11, Waitangi

NZIA: Innovation Awards entries

Entries close 4th of August

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