Fully funded 'Full Tilt'


Rebekah Tyler’s journey to where she is today has been an interesting one. But it was time consuming repeating her story to every new person she met – so she thought ‘gosh darn, I should just write a book!’  And she did.

Now, thanks to pledges on Kickstarter accessed through using the BizDojo’s Kickstarter for Kiwis Channel,  Rebekah has raised the funding required to publish ‘Full Tilt’, which means she can officially launch her book to the world. However, even though her campaign is one of achievement, it certainly hasn’t been about just sitting back and watching the money roll in. From day one, Rebekah has been a promotional slash marketing machine, speaking to everyone, anyone and making the most of her 33 day long opportunity (which hasn’t finished yet).

“I am so incredibly exhausted. It has been relentless, tiring and full on. But you know what, I knew that this was my one shot and it would only be successful if I worked really hard. No matter how tired I get, it’s not forever.”

With so much frantic activity over the past three weeks, Rebekah’s Kickstarter adventure has almost been a story in itself (Full Tilt 2?) While it’s obviously an online campaign, Rebekah says it hasn’t felt like that at all because she has daily connections with people from all over New Zealand and as far away as Greece. Getting out in the real world has also opened up opportunities that only come from human interaction. 

“I had my little yellow cart out one day and met Anika Moa. She grabbed a hold of my hand and said it was awesome that I was actually coming out onto the street and meeting people. I don’t think people really do that anymore.”

She also credits a lot of her success to her short promotional film, which Rebekah really feels ‘sells her idea’ to viewers.  

“Some people just stare into the camera, but I wanted to create a sincere, meaningful and entertaining narrative. I think if people just watch it, they can have a better understanding of who I am and my story. Then hopefully they will want to pledge!”  

From a personal gourmet dinner party package, to a personalised short story or a stay in paradise – Rebekah created lots of exciting rewards for her backers, and still has a few available.

With 11 days to go, there is no slowing down this lady whose accomplishment of her first goal has led her to create a new one – Rebekah would love to get to $20,000. So she is off to Wellington this weekend, with her yellow cart and an army load of enthusiasm, to meet as many people as she can, and Rebekah definitely has her sights set on a few politicians that might be buzzing around the beehive.        

Read more about Full Tilt here and while you’re there – why not make a pledge!

Also, follow Rebekah’s progress on Facebook because in the countdown to the end of her Kickstarter campaign she will be offering some exciting incentives for backers.

For more information on the BizDojo’s Kickstarter for Kiwis Channel, contact Phil Williams on phil@bizdojo.com.