Growing like a bamboo shoot on steroids

Pictured: New resident Tania Anderson, Project Manager, and our new BizDojo Partner Phil Williams

We’ve added over 15 new residents and companies to our Auckland space in the last couple of months and we’re now running at full throttle with very few spaces left for new members. We’re exploring how we can enlarge our space to include the other keen beans who have been in touch - everyone deserves a little bit of Dojo goodness to brighten up their work life! 

We’re now home to FX Bikes, Easy Social Media, Exocomics, Slidespeech, Bring Your Own Laptop, Dinetube, Irving & Co, Goodlife, Little Miss PR, Stripe the Web, Game Dojo, Andrea Wong Design, and BigVoice has come back to join us once again. There’s some new freelancers in the mix too from project management and copywriting backgrounds, and more.

The BizDojo team itself has doubled in size - we welcome Phil Williams as a new partner in the business and Elise Sterback as our Brand and Culture Manager. Mariana Jimenez is our Global Partner Liaison (more to come on that soon). Phew!