Guy Thompson, Media Production Freelancer


Guy’s background is in post-production and video work for TV advertising. He has worked for Oktobor and Vertigo Motion in New Zealand and The Mill in London, UK. In recent years, Guy’s skillset has shifted to producing video and content for online promotion. He is also working directly with YouTube partners to optimise their video post-production, delivery and promotion.

“When people are focused on content creation, writing, and production, sometimes the tricky thing is actually finishing it and getting the stuff out quickly and regularly. Finishing and delivering video fast, is usually where I focus my efforts,” Guy says.

His future plans include working on his own business ventures. He is looking to launch multiple different projects that will include digital content and physical products. He has taken up a residency at The BizDojo Auckland to be a part of a supportive community of entrepreneurs, and to work in a startup environment.

“It’s been difficult to get any of those things off the ground working completely individually. I’m a part of a freelance community but it’s not the same as being a part of a supportive business network like The BizDojo.

Here I can float my ideas, get some feedback and actually get work done. The first time working from here, I immediately felt more compelled to be on task and focus without distractions I’d get working from home,” Guy says.