Hacktivate Featured on 3 News After HACK + TELL

Our Auckland residents, Hacktivate, put together another hacking hangout last weekend. Faithful to their cheekily titled events, this one was dubbed HACK + TELL. The event was sponsored by Orion Health and hosted by The BizDojo in the Ironbank.


Hacktivate’s goal is to brush up the geeky image of the IT industry by bringing in social elements with competitions, music, and some cold beers. Their last hackathon extravaganza, Mile High, turned BizDojo Co.Space into a wild party plane with close to two hundred attendees. Mile High was sponsored by Datacom.


Mile High. Photo by: Mark Leedom

Last weekend’s HACK + TELL was organized as a chilled, mini competition to come up with the next Hacktivate challenge.

3 News showed up to the Dojo to interview the guys.

“When I came back from London after an OE, I started studying computer science at uni,” says Hacktivate co-founder Shane O’Connell. “And essentially I was like, ‘where is the social element to this industry?’ And we just kind of started stemming it from there.”

“We’re trying to excite people about development and developers,” says Hacktivate organiser Sam Hogg. “We’re saying, ‘these are the people that are actually going to change the world’. They’re creating efficiencies. They’re automating processes. They’re making life easier and better for us.”


3 News also interviewed Ian McCrae, the CEO of Orion Health, who sponsored the event. Ian McCrae told 3 News, that he sees huge demand for software engineers, but doesn’t believe that the schools are doing enough to convince students that it’s a good career.

“We’re teaching people how to use IT as opposed to how to create IT products,” says McCrae.

This is why Orion Health wants to support young companies like Hacktivate, who are trying to make a career in IT more appealing.

Because of the huge demand for talented digital creatives in the world, developing can’t be something you teach yourself anymore. While we teach kids to write and read English, we should also teach them how to create content in a digital language.

Watch the feature on 3 News.