Han Law, 3D animation and visualisation at Pixel Push

Han’s background spans 10 years in 3D animation and design, includes TV series background production and television commercials in his home country of Malaysia.


Up until 2012, Han was a contractor for architectural visualisation. After taking some time off in South America, he decided to use his skills to create Pixel Push, and relocated to New Zealand about 5 years ago.

For Han, travelling to New Zealand was an unplanned shift from KL, a big city with lots of development. “The hustle and bustle is a bit much to take. Auckland is a city too but has it’s own pace”.

Han’s business is currently split into two work streams. One is 3D visualisation and animation, the other motion graphics and design. He wants more commercials, and more graphical infomercials because “it’s more fun and exciting.”

Reflecting on the past, Han says: “Last year I was securing work that paid the bills. This year I want to work on projects that I really enjoy and use my skills to their best use.” For Pixel Push “Hopefully I’ll be able to take on someone and expand the company!”

For Han the dynamics at the Dojo have been different to an ordinary company. “The Dojo plays a big part in my work. Before the Dojo, I was just working from home… Problem was, I couldn’t switch off. Over here, people can offer each other support and skills, meeting like minded people and look for new opportunities. People here are so driven, they are always looking for ways to collaborate.”

“Through the dojo, I’ve been talking about multiple areas for collaboration with other members. There are always potential ventures to be found!”

Han loves Auckland, and is the Dojo’s nearest thing to a Pro Surfer. He’s always up for a session if the waves are good… and even does pre work runs. If you’re keen, grab your board and drop him a line!