Hangin' out with Google


Ah, technology. We can’t live without it but sometimes you just can’t trust it to do what it’s told.  

Last night was the warm up to Startup Weekend Wellington - in the form of a Google Hangout - and the BizDojo in Wellington was one of four satellite venues around the country hosting folk interested in the opportunity to ask questions of Craig Nevill-Manning, the New Zealand born Engineering Director of Google. An interactive seminar, the Hangout goal was to discuss how technology can be used for social impact, as Craig has been instrumental in developing technology projects with social impact through his work with Google.org.  

After a near perfect setup – more than 100 participants were ready and the hangout was being broadcasting to up to 50 people via the Hangout on Air – there was a glitch when it came time to add Craig to the mix.  But like true technology troopers, solutions were quickly found, and with an initial break in the ‘on air’ feed and broadcasting via live tweets, the stream continued by just using voice instead of video for the rest of the discussion.  

Technical glitches aside, Craig’s stories and information sharing was definitely worthwhile and the BizDojo would like to thank everyone for joining us.  

For an overview of the discussion, click here.