Have a look inside Bizdojo Wellington and the shiny new space at 113 Tory Street

Haven’t made it into BizDojo Wellington quite yet? We forgive you!

Thanks to the marvels of this modern age, you can take a jaunt through BizDojo Wellington without leaving the comfort of your own home. The perfect way to have a looksie if you are a little further afield from Wellington or simply tucked up at home. (Possibly making the decision between working by your lonesome or taking up a desk at ‘The Dojo’ for a little more community.)

In this latest vid from the BizDojo Youtube Channel, Community Coordinator Georgia will walk you through the sights and scenes of daily life in BizDojo Wellington. You get a snapshot of what its like to be one of our talented Residents, from the daily quiz to the oh-so-essential coffee machine. For the curious co-workers amongst you, enjoy a little overview on how we design our spaces to maximise awesome feelings for you; from our Focus, Active and Social zones through to the innovative touches that make our Welly Dojo space a home.

Like what you see? Get in touch with us for information about the community, the spaces and all the other stuff at BizDojo Wellington and BizDojo Auckland.

Anya works in Brand & Marketing for The BizDojo, and secretly wishes she could live at BizDojo Wellington, you can follow her on twitter if you want.