Have you met Kelly & Blair?

imageMeet Kelly and Blair, our new interns from Boston Uni.

We’re stoked to have had some new Boston University interns join us for a few months! Kelly and Blair are filling the void in our hearts left by Jocelyn, Annie and Emily, our Boston Uni interns from last year. You girls were amazing and we still miss you every day!

Kelly McKay


Kelly is interning for The BizDojo and will be around until July. You may have already seen her and her fabulous statement necklaces around the Auckland Dojos. She is a Business Administration major with a concentration in Finance. Kelly is planning on graduating May next year.

Kelly was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California. Some dojogirls have already bombed her with idolizing questions about life in California. And as it turns out: Yes, it’s exactly like O.C.

Kelly is interning with us part-time and doing classes in Auckland University. She is very interested in financial planning and business development and hopes to learn more about BizDojo’s growth and development.

Our good friend Brett Armstrong, who is the Programme Manager for Boston University Study Abroad, hooked her up with two internships to choose from:

“I was offered two internship possibilities: BizDojo, or an extremely corporate financial institution. Based on my itch to stay away from the corporate financial world, the decision was easy. I felt that interning at BizDojo would be a great way to get to know and connect with different people, and to be engulfed in the NZ culture,” Kelly says.


Blair Lineham


Blair is interning with BizDojo resident SIMTICS. Matt Clarke, CEO of SIMTICS, is a casual resident in the Auckland Dojo. Matt explains how he found the perfect intern:

“I talked to Scott Diener, head of IT at Auckland University, about having an intern. He is one of the shareholders in the company and good friends with Jon Windsor who is the inventor of the product. Scott contacted his son who runs the Boston Uni Study Abroad Programme to find a suitable intern for SIMTICS,” Matt says.

SIMTICS’ product is a surgical ‘flight simulator’. It was developed for doctors and nurses to practice operations in the same way as a pilot would practice flying on a simulator. The creator of the technology, Jon Windsor also invented the term “cognitive simulation”. According to research 75 per cent of the skills to perform an operation are cognitive – meaning you can’t learn without actually doing it.

Blair is a great match for SIMTICS. He is majoring in Business with a concentration on Entrepreneurship, and has a background working in a healthcare business. He was also a campus representative for the business. During his internship, Blair will be conducting market research and writing a business plan on how to sell the product to universities.

Blair is really excited to work alongside with creative entrepreneurial businesses:

“I really want to work in a startup environment because I’m very interested in entrepreneurship. I enjoy not having an exact job description which allows me to take initiative,” Blair says.


Dojoites: Feel free to introduce yourselves to these lovely humans. Kelly especially appreciates help in getting to know everyone ASAP, since she’s sitting in the front desk!

We are already grinding our teeth with the thought of you two eventually heading back home, but luckily that won’t be until a few months. Till then, Kelly, tell us more about those surfer boys…