Is it hip to be square?

Shoulder pads, roller blades, checked flannel shirts, MySpace. What do all these random things have in common? They were once a trend on a global scale. And while they are now rarely seen outside of Hamilton, there was a time in which they were in demand.

So please allow us to introduce Andrea Thorn, the Client Services Director Asia-Pacific region for But don’t worry - she won’t be telling you that the jumper you’re wearing is so last season. Trendwatching is about following global consumer trends – or insights into changing consumer behaviour - understanding what is happening and what the resulting opportunities are for businesses across all sectors.

As one of the original trend spotting organisations, Trendwatching has been around for ten years and has a huge loyal following, with around two hundred thousand subscribers to their free monthly trend briefing (the latest one is out next week, so make sure you sign up). Outside of the free offerings, there are also client-exclusive reports & tools that can be paid for, and that’s where Andrea comes in – looking after those clients for the Asia Pacific region in all areas of business development, marketing, speaking to readers and growing the awareness of Trendwatching in this part of the world.

With over two and a half thousand Happy Spotters (yes that’s a thing) in 90 countries, Trendwatching is able to source a large amount of content which is then fed to three core research teams in Brazil, the UK and Singapore, who are responsible for developing the trend theory, reports and tools – a uniquely ‘GLOCAL’ view (globally local don’t cha know!) 

Originally from Wellington, Andrea has spent the last 10 years overseas (mainly London), but decided to move back down under and although Sydney was an option, she chose the bright lights of Auckland. Aw shucks!

With the onset of winter, Andrea decided her cute but ridiculously cold villa wasn’t conducive to productive work, and of course the BizDojo welcomed her with open arms. After only a week here, she has proclaimed her love for us and we are only too happy to accept such kind words.  

Over the next six to twelve months Andrea is going to be as busy as a bee in spring! From getting to know the market here and reaching new brands and agencies, to visiting Australia and organising speaking events, there is a lot going on! Their research team is also busy building on & refining what Trendwatching offers its clients, creating a complete trend & innovation toolkit to help organisations put thinking into practice. 

And guess what? Trendwatching needs you! Andrea is super excited by the networking available here at the BizDojo, knowing that some really awesome things happen in our space and she is happy to have you approach her about products, services  and/or new businesses you’re working on to reach a global audience via Trendwatching or their sister site

Also – Andrea is very keen to get some more ‘Happy Spotters’ here in on the ground in New Zealand so we can start playing our part on the global trend watching stage. So either catch her in the hot desk space or email;