It's lift off for Plan B!


From left to right: Jochen Zeitz, Mary Robinson, Shari Arison, Sir Richard Branson, Kathy Calvin, Mo Ibrahim, Strive Masiyiwa

For a while it has felt like everyone has been running around like headless chickens, frantically aware of the issues plaguing our future, but somewhat unable to move onto a solution. So it is definitely a relief that a group of very influential people have finally put up their hand to say “okay, calm down. Let’s work out a plan of where we want to be and what steps it will take to get there.”

Last Thursday was the worldwide launch of Plan B and an introduction to the B Team who will be leading a movement towards a much more sustainable future when it comes to business practices and looking after the world around us. And because this is something the BizDojo strongly supports, we were happy to host a wee shindig to showcase the live stream and encourage others to think about where the future of business may lie. We were also stoked to show our support for Rebecca Mills, a BizDojo resident AND Strategist for Plan B, as the launch event was a culmination of over a year’s work.

“What was so inspiring about the launch was the enthusiasm and anticipation of people right around the world. Our physical events were literally overflowing and there was a huge amount of energy when it came to discussing how New Zealand can meet and potentially lead the global move towards Plan B.”

In a live online broadcast to over 500 hundred gatherings in more than 115 cities, there is no doubt that the message has been heard loud and clear the world over. But now the hard work begins, to develop a detailed strategy and solidifying tactics to realise and fulfil the challenges set down by The B Team.   

For a while it’s all been doom and gloom, corporatisation, capitalism and polar ice caps melting. But Plan B is a real opportunity to change all that. So make sure you sign up to be a friend of the and get on to LinkedIn to join in with the discussions of how we can all be a part of a Plan B for business.

Rebecca would love to say thanks to The Bizdojo, Sustainable Business Network and The Icehouse for hosting launch events. And also to all participants who watched the livestream with a tonne of enthusiasm and optimism for what the future could bring.