It's Official: We're Headed to Brisbane!

BizDojo is excited to announce a new partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ) that will take the BizDojo culture of connectivity and community into Australia. We’re launching a series of active innovation centres throughout Queensland to support growth and connectivity across the small business landscape, strengthening the knowledge economy and shaking up how people work in shared spaces!

Over the past five years, the BizDojo has provided freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups and growth companies with an innovative, energetic way of collaborating, which we believe represents the future of work. These people are on the edge of new ideas; they need a place to make things happen, and a community to stimulate and support them… because while technology has freed us to work where and when we like, we still need to feel connected to other human beings!

In New Zealand, our spaces are known for attracting a vibrant community of people from a diverse range of sectors including technology, entertainment, design and sustainability. Our growing network includes our flagship BizDojo Auckland location in the Ironbank building and a partnership with Auckland Tourism Events and Economic Development Ltd. on the GridAKL innovation hub in the Wynyard Quarter; Project: Blank Canvas, the next evolution of BizDojo Wellington; and Project: Beacon, our expansion into Hutt City with Hutt City Council.

More than an ideal spot for coworking, spaces under the BizDojo umbrella are recognised as prime locations for events that support and extend their community - meetups, TEDx-style talks, product launches, presentations, debates and workshops just to name a few. It’s not surprising then that CCIQ, an organisation with close to 150 years of history in supporting small businesses, is taking an interest in BizDojo’s proven adaptive and experimental approach.

CCIQ is the voice of small business in Australia’s Sunshine State and they represent the varied nature of Queensland’s dynamic business landscape. Despite advocating for small business for over a century, they are not afraid to change with the times.

CCIQ’s first space in partnership with BizDojo will launch in Brisbane in mid-2015, with extension to major regional capitals starting with Cairns shortly after. BizDojo cofounders Nick Shewring and Jonah Merchant see an opportunity to connect spaces operated by the company both locally and internationally.

“As well as introducing our way of activating space to a city ripe for a new approach, we see potential for CCIQ’s innovation centres to serve as a landing point for all businesses working from our environments and hoping to expand into new markets in Queensland and abroad,” says Shewring.

Merchant adds, “Brisbane, and Queensland more broadly, is an exciting business environment, and we’ve been consistently impressed with the calibre of thinking, people and ideas that are coming through from the SME space. We’re really looking forward to supporting all these entrepreneurs and small business owners, and, with CCIQ, helping them realise their potential and drive growth.”

BizDojo and CCIQ first encountered each other through a mayoral delegation leveraging the sister city relationship between Auckland and Brisbane, and it was quickly apparent that their shared aims and unique experiences in providing for growth companies had huge potential to create something much greater than the two of them.

Stephen Tait, CEO of CCIQ, welcomes the partnership. “With BizDojo’s track record of establishing and operating innovation centres that deliver long term results for the businesses who take part, and CCIQ’s understanding of the needs of small business in Queensland across all sectors, it’s exciting to know we’ll be able to offer real solutions”, he says.

This joint venture with CCIQ means that SMEs in Queensland will benefit from the combined knowledge of one of Australia’s most progressive business peak bodies and New Zealand’s pre-eminent coworking operator. BizDojo’s sights are firmly set on revolutionising coworking in Queensland, with the rest of Australia not far behind. Let the journey begin!