Japanese and New Zealand Creatives Collaborate

Amanda Wright, long time BizDojo Auckland resident, and founder and Creative Director of the Splore festival, has arranged for Japanese artist Yosi Horikawa to be based out of Co.Space for this week. Yosi is preparing for the sold out ‘Tiger Translate – Streets’ event Saturday November 17 at The Studio on K’ Rd. The Japanese musical innovator is collaborating with Tom Gould, a New Zealand director/filmmaker, who will produce visuals for the show.

Conversation at Co.Space:

Tom: What do you call yourself, Yosi? Producer, artist..?

Yosi: Hmm… Discoverer of sounds.


Yosi introduced us to a finger piano called “kalimba”, which he had made himself. He will be playing kalimba at the event. In addition to extraordinary instruments, his music is all about recording everyday sounds. This Saturday you will get to hear some New Zealand birds singing in the backgrounds of his new tracks!

Yosi is the headline artist for the Tiger Translate event featuring bands Weird Together, Homebrew, Dudley Benson, Doc Westies Bogan Circus, The ARC, and Chaos in The CBD.

Bio: Yosi Horikawa is a Japanese producer, best known for his track ‘Passion’ from the Nihon Kizuna compilation which raised money for the Red Cross after the devastating Japanese tsunami. He has collaborated with Dorian Concept, Anenon, and Jesse Boykins III and received praise from BBC Radio 1’s Benji B. Currently Yosi is busy working on his debut album, as well as contributions to compilations, remixes and work with Japanese and European artists.