Joseph Michael, New Media Artist

We have a great bunch of old and new residents who we can’t wait to introduce! Starting now with Joseph Michael….


Joseph is a freelance film technician, new media artist and photographer, who has worked with live TV, music videos, documentaries, commercials, and feature films, including The Hobbit. Lately he has been focusing on his main passion for time-lapse photography.

He is currently in the process of producing a Media Arts exhibition titled Dark Cloud : White Light. During the past months, Joseph and his team have been hunting down spectacular locations around New Zealand and filming them in 3D for 24 hours and more at a time. The hundreds of thousands of shots from the world’s most beautiful landscapes and starscapes will be compiled into breathtaking, three-dimensional time-lapse videos. To get the best quality, Joseph uses gizmos such as Nikon’s super high resolution D800, and has a self-built 3D rig.

Once finished, the videos will be shown in public exhibitions around New Zealand and overseas.

Watch a taster of the exhibition.

Welcome Joseph!