Kiwi Bagpipe App Clocks 60,000+ Downloads

Cool Residents: Tim Ross, Elucidcode app founder


Steve Jobs apparently said of the iPhone, “It can do anything, apart from play the bagpipes”. Well even Steve got a few things wrong… because a New Zealand based bagpipe app on the Apple store has made traction around the world with 60,000 downloads and counting.

ElucidCode co-founder Tim Ross has been a musician all his life. Add a bit of inspiration from his grandpappy who played in a pipe band for years, Tim’s familiarity with tech, and you have yourself an iOS based app that allows you to play a bagpipe on screen. As if that wasn’t cool enough, the app requires real-time puffs of your own breath to boost the app’s realism.

Ross and co-founder Marty Batten founded Elucidcode in 2011. Having released their flagship bagpipe app on the Apps store March 2012, they’re currently creating a banjo app.

But that’s not all - they have big plans to release an entire set of musical instruments that can be synced with your friends, allowing you to create live music on the go with your smart devices… a true iOS jam environment.

If you’re wondering how to get traction with your app, this is how the boys at Elucidcode did it: First they got picked up by the Herald, then and then they featured on Scottish 6pm news. This caused a dramatic spike in sales. Almost overnight, thousands of people were picking up the app.

According to Tim, word of mouth is invaluable. Another key marketing tool is “free weekend” promotions, allowing app users to download the bagpipe app for free over 48 hours. Doing this quarterly has resulted in tens of thousands of extra users. Great work guys.

Check out the app: