Kyra Clarke Meets Magazine World Big Shots

Last September our beloved muffin-eating design wiz, Kyra Clarke, flew to the UK on a scholarship from the British Council. Kyra is the lead designer and co-art director of Threaded Magazine, working out of the “Cave” at BizDojo Co.Space.


While in the UK, Kyra participated in London Design Festival events with support from The BizDojo, and assistance from Arts Regional Trust.

She successfully stalked some of the magazine world’s big names such as Tyler Brûlé, founder of Wallpaper* and Monocle, and the current editor-in-chief at Wallpaper*, Tony Chambers. She also tracked down the creative duo Hellicar & Lewis, who were speakers at last November’s Semipermanent design conference in Wellington. After running around in the rainy streets of London, she also found her way to Troika’s studio.

Kyra explains in her own words:

“Meeting industry leaders in both the design & magazine world in their own backyard was influential on so many personal and professional levels. To have made connections with the wider design community in London and spend time with the media moguls I met ~ it was incredible! ~ and simply couldn’t have been done via e-mail!”


“The world is a big-bad-place full of opportunity - you just need to leave the safety-nest of the long white cloud to get out there and experience it!”

Read more about her adventures and what she learned on her blog.

Threaded Magazine is an award-winning bi-annual international art and design publication founded in New Zealand. It is a knowledge sharing eco-system for the creative industries involved in art and design.