Last #scribbleAKL of the Year Held at ATEED

ScribbleAKL is a regular ideas club organized by Co.Space resident Bhavesh Bhuthadia. This year’s last #scribbleAKL was held last Monday at a special venue – ATEED’s central office overlooking the Auckland harbour.


The purpose of #scribbleAKL is to bring creative minds together to bounce ideas off of each other. It’s an environment for fostering and growing seeds of innovation. Every session starts with a creative warm-up exercise to get the juices flowing.

“It’s fascinating to watch how people get into a creative flow with even the simplest of creative exercises – like sculpting Play-Doh.” Bhavesh says.

Last Monday’s #scribbleAKL Xmas Edition had a longer warm-up session than usual, to celebrate the last Scribble of the year.

“Everyone was given a puzzle piece, and they had to build the puzzle to form teams. Then team members were told to draw the team mate sitting opposite of them, ask questions about them, and take notes. It’s a simple way of breaking the ice.” Bhavesh explains.


Scribblers in action.

Next the attendees played a game of Chinese Whispers with a twist: Some of the starting words were in different languages, such as Finnish and French. This allowed for very different and unexpected words to come out. The game went on with teams having to look for the closest equivalent of the end word from a 1970’s encyclopedia, and then perform the word. Other teams then tried to guess what the word was.

After the warm-up, #scribbleAKL continued on to the actual ideas discussion. The discussion is a chance to get valuable feedback on your ideas, and interact with other innovators.

“People share their ideas with their own risk. I personally keep a blog where I post all my ideas that I actually want someone to ‘steal’. I’m not looking to make money with those ideas. When it’s more about doing something good in the world, instead of money, people are usually happy to see someone put their idea into action”, Bhavesh says.

To keep the conversation going, Scribblers are invited to #scribbleAKL Facebook group where they can post ideas and projects around the clock. This is a way to get instant feedback from the community. The group is open for anyone to join and currently has over 300 members.

The next #scribbleAKL will be held next February. Stay tuned!