Meet Our New Intern: Justina Choi!


The BizDojo’s happy to welcome our latest intern aboard, the lovely Justina Choi! Justina is a third year student at Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts studying computer science, and she’s come on board to help us out with day-to-day operations at the Auckland Dojo, as well as potentially developing a project proposal on the Collaborators side of our business utilising her computer science expertise!

She describes herself as being “a bit of a perfectionist”, and enjoys having things organised, planned, and scheduled. Sounds like a great person to have around! When we asked her what she was keen to learn about, she said, “I’m most interested in learning how technology is being used today in businesses and how it can be further utilised to increase efficiency. I don’t think we use technology to its entire potential and society has a lot of catching up to do.”

Justina’s currently a student in Boston, but she’s moved around a lot, and doesn’t have a hometown. She enjoys reading, surfing, snowboarding, and playing the ukelele! 

When it comes to working with the Dojo, she’s excited to meet our residents and find out what they do. “I think its really interesting to see how all these people working on different projects share the same space and its a great community environment for me to learn first-hand about small businesses, especially the computer/technology related ones,” she says.