Meet Tana Mitchell!


Meet Tana Mitchell, BizDojo resident and design strategist sharing her recent work for Quirky.

If you’re new to Quirky, it’s a high profile New York based start-up paving the way for people to bring their product ideas to life. Quirky positions itself as making invention possible and it does this by utilising a 400K strong community of inventors, expert product designers, financing, engineering, distribution, and legal expertise.

In a recent move, Quirky partnered with GE in an effort to inspire its inventors to be innovative. Inventors will now get access to thousands of GE’s patents, and new products designed through the partnership will be branded ‘Wink’.

Prior to the partnership, Tana was brought on board by Creative Director Viresh Chopra to assist the internal team build the Quirky brand. To help give the team a boost of creativity, a huge office space was hired out overlooking Times Square. Tana recalls that the ultimate challenge was “to create a single identity to cover an extremely broad, multifaceted and ever changing company.”

One month later, the team’s ideas had been translated into a visual solution. “We had completely covered the walls of this office space,” says Tana. Through agile development, constant questioning, and live evaluations every night, they created a new design language for Quirky products, enabling them to carry personalised stamps submitted by the inventor.

In order to explain Quirky’s new design direction to its community of inventors, Tana contacted animation and visualisation expert Han Law from the BizDojo to put together an animated video, instrumental in the re-branding of Quirky.

Check out also this great behind-the-scenes look at the making of the new identity (some language NSFW). Ten points for those who spot Tana in some of the shots :)

Tana is one of many Kiwi designers around the world doing amazing things. No business card. No website. All word of mouth. But not for long, her website is coming, so watch this space.