Meet the New Girl.


Jess has joined our BizDojo family in the last week or so, helping out in The Wellington BizDojo. We cornered her to ask a few questions and give everyone a chance to know what makes her tick. 

Name: Jess

Age: 22 years young

Quote that best describes me: Where is she now?

Nickname: Jeffica is a popular nickname! Given to me by my fans when I was a little boy playing girls rugby.

Off the top of your head, name three things you noticed straight away about your new job on your first couple days.




It’s a cool place to invite a client to be taken seriously in a welcoming environment and to be surrounded by productive people who I’ve noticed have all actually become good friends.


Where are you from and and how do you think this contributed to the human you turned into.

I am from Cromwell, Central Otago. Cromwell and I actually have a lot in common. Super hot AND super cool,  simple yet fun…giant fruit.

I think living in a small community has contributed to a few of my traits, especially my work ethic, confidence and respect for others.

Some things weren’t very convenient. Sports practice wasn’t a bike ride away; it was 3 hours before school unloading freight to pay for trips to the next city.

I was a prefect in school…there weren’t many people in my high school so I probably got it by default, but the community involvement still contributed to my confidence.

My respect for other people was also built there. You can’t get away with much, everyone knows everyone else (and their parents). It was also very obvious to me how disrespect of any kind affects people, you have nowhere to hide from gossip in a little town. After being away from my small community and in a city where I know hardly any people this year, I have realised how lucky I am to have wee Cromwell too go back to.

Who was your childhood idol and why?

My older sister. The future me.

Whats the best invention ever.

The She-Wee?

Kidding! The best invention would have to be music.

Finish these sentences

I am a wealth of knowledge when it comes to… making ridiculous and sometimes dangerous ideas happen.

I love people who… like my Facebook profile picture.

I am most comfortable when… around anyone that laughs at my toilet humour.