’Mile High’ Hacking Competition to be Held at BizDojo Co.Space


Hacktivate brings coders, designers, and spectators together in a live programming competition called ‘Mile High’, at the BizDojo Co.Space on 23 November. Six teams of four – three programmers and one designer in each – race against the clock to complete the aviation styled challenges in this entertainment-packed hackathon.

Mile High is one of our most exciting Co.Space events this November. It’s not just a bunch of hackers sitting around in a room in front of a screen, but a fast-paced live competition with lots of audience involvement, surprises, drinks, snacks, and music. Spectators get to follow exactly what the teams are working on from a screen throughout the night, and the Hacktivate “flight crew” will answer any questions. No hacking knowledge is required to participate as a spectator!

Spectators receive a beverage on arrival and once again the up-stairs Verona will provide attendees with tasty snacks. The Co.Space bar is open all night and DJ Art Heist will bounce some bass from the speakers.

Mini competitions for free drinks and other prizes will be run throughout the night. There will also be a professional photobooth setup to snap some shots for attendees to show off on Facebook. Be sure to also follow our fresh BizDojo Instagram for a live picture feed of the event.

So far a staggering 100 attendees have signed up with another 100 expected.

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